Can you change the difficulty in Remnant 2?

Learn about changing the difficulty level for the Campaign and Adventure mode in Remnant 2.


Remnant 2 is a brutally difficult game, specifically on the higher difficulty levels. If you’ve started the game and are finding it too tough, the good news is that it is possible to change the difficulty settings. The bad news is that you will need to restart the whole campaign – unless you want to do Adventure mode. Back to good news: you keep everything you’ve unlocked.

Can you change difficulty in Remnant 2?

The answer to whether or not you can change difficulty in Remnant 2 is not straightforward. The answer is yes you can change the difficulty, but it either comes at the cost of restarting the campaign or generating a standalone version of a world.

The reroll campaign and adventure mode option screen
Rerolling the Campaign resets it, deleting your story progress but preserving your gear. Adventure mode lets you replay a world you've beaten.
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To begin with, it’s important to understand the two distinct modes in Remnant 2. The first is the Campaign the second is the Adventure Mode. By completing a world in the campaign (Losomn, Yaesha, N’Erud) it will become available as an option for Adventure Mode.

Adventure Mode lets you play a reroll of N’Erud, Yaesha, or Losomn after you have completed them in the campaign. This mode does not reset your campaign progress. Anything you unlock in the Adventure Mode version of the world can be taken back to your Campaign – like if you unlock a new Trait or weapon. You can pick any difficulty you have unlocked as the Adventure Mode setting.

Additionally, you can reroll your Campaign at any point. This will completely reset your progress through the story but you will keep everything your character has unlocked. Use this only if you’ve finished the campaign or have become stuck to the point that it is impossible for you to progress.

Note that the Apocalypse difficulty setting is only unlocked after completing the Remnant 2 main story. This mode is extremely brutal and should only be attempted by those with a deep understand of the game and an extremely powerful build.

There are a couple of ways to change the difficulty in Remnant 2 but there are caveats. Rerolling your Campaign will cause you to lose progress while starting an Adventure is only possible after you’ve completed the world in the story mode. The good news is that replaying the game is all part of the fun. Take a look at our Remnant 2 page for more important info including guides to secrets.

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