Asylum safe code in Losomn - Remnant 2

Learn the code to open the safe in the asylum in Morrow Parish in Losomn and what's inside.


The world of Losomn has one region called Morrow Parish, in which is an asylum defended by dangerous nurses. Within this asylum is a safe on the ground floor, locked with a four-digit code. There’s no need to search high and low, as one character will give you the code provided you hand over some important items.

Asylum safe code

The code to the asylum safe in Losomn

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The code for the safe in the asylum in Morrow Parish is 2971. This code is given to you by a character that is locked in a room in the basement, near the spider webs. To receive this code, you must hand over three stone-carved dolls. These dolls are hidden within and outside of the asylum. Note that you will not get the code if you free the prisoner, as this will kill them.

The first doll is in a small room on the first floor. The second doll is outside in the corner shed where you can be ambushed by a large monster. The final doll is on the third floor, behind some beds and dividers. Hand over the dolls and the prisoner will begin singing. Listen out for the numbers she states as these indicate the code.

The player picks up the Double Barrel from the safe in the asylum
The safe in the asylum contains the Double Barrel.
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As for what’s inside the safe, that would be a handgun called the Double Barrel. This is actually a sort of shotgun, not dissimilar to the mighty Coach Shotgun. It deals 110 damage, has an RPS of 2.3, and a magazine of two. This is definitely one gun that can benefit from the Bandit mutator.

With the asylum safe opened and the Morrow Parish puzzle solved, you can get on to cracking other safes, like the one in Ward 13. There are plenty more secrets to uncover in the game and you can find guides to them on our Remnant 2 page.

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