How to get to the secret portal in Ward 13 - Remnant 2

Tucked away in the cargo area of Ward 13 is a hidden portal behind a glass window with a gun on the table. Here's how to reach it.


Ward 13 holds its fair share of secrets in Remnant 2 and one of them is a hidden portal in the far corner of the map. Players will discover this after solving Ford’s safe solution, but it won’t be clear how to reach this location for a decent chunk of time. Here’s how to get to the portal and what the gun is on the table.

How to get to the secret portal – Ward 13

The first time you see this hidden portal will likely be when looking at the map. However, you will likely lay your eyes on it after unlocking Ford’s safe. Reaching the hidden portal in Ward 13 requires access to the Labyrinth area and the Biome Portal Key.

Work your way through Remnant 2 until you reach the Labyrinth. In this area you will need to defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel. After the fight, continue until you reach the Keeper and see the cutscenes. You will then receive the Biome Portal Key which is used to open the circular portals dotted around the map.

The map of the Fractured Ingress in Remnant 2 with a line drawn on it

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From here, navigate to the Fractured Ingress area. Face the giant portal and go up the stairs on the right. Take the right-most path as the road splits. You will start to cross a pathway that forms before you and at the end is a portal – don’t go through it. Instead, go behind the portal and drop down to a hidden portal over the edge.

The player runs toward a portal

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You will now be on a small island with a set of stairs leading to another portal. Go through the portal and through the hole in the wall. On the other side of the hole, look at the wall and climb up the bricks, being sure to jump back and forth until you reach the small hole to crouch-walk through. Go through and jump across the gap to the hole behind the portal. Through here is the stone portal that leads back to Ward 13.

The player looks at a brick wall with small ledges on it

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Use the Biome Portal Key on the stone portal to open it and then pass through. You will now be back in Ward 13, this time on the other side of the glass. There will be a journal to read but more importantly, the Chicago Typewriter long gun on a crate and the Leto Mark 2 armor set in the blue shipping container.

The player stands in front of the Chicago Typewriter. It is circled with an arrow pointing to a blue shipping container
Grab the Chicago Typewriter and then go inside the blue shipping container to get the Leto Mark 2 armor.
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The Chicago Typewriter does 10 damage, dolls out 11 rounds-per-second, and features a magazine of 80 rounds. When hitting non-crit shots it has an average DPS of 139. When dealing critical hits the DPS jumps to between 290 and 300.

Reaching the secret portal that’s hidden in Ward 13 will take a bit of work. It will not be available to you until you reach the Labyrinth and even then you’ll need to do some exploring but it’s worth the effort. The reward, the Chicago Typewriter, is a pretty nifty long gun, capable of dishing out the hurt. Take a look at our Remnant 2 page for more help solving puzzles and unlocking gear.

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