How to unlock more Traits - Remnant 2

Learn how to get more Traits and the points you need to level them up in Remnant 2.


Remnant 2 brings back its Traits and Trait Points systems from the first game. However, unlike From the Ashes, acquiring Traits and points is slightly different. When you first start, you’ll only have four Traits to work with plus one for your chosen Archetype. If you want to grow in power and survive the greatest threats, you’ll need to unlock more Traits and upgrade them using Trait Points.

Unlock more Traits

Traits are unlocked a couple of different ways in Remnant 2. As mentioned above, you will start the game with four core Traits: Vigor, Endurance, Spirit, and Expertise. You will also have one additional Trait that comes from your Archetype.

A new Trait is unlocked after defeating a boss
Some bosses will reward a new Trait after they are defeated.
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To get more Traits you will need to simply progress through the game. Most new Traits will be awarded after defeating a boss while others require you to speak with characters and listen to their stories. For example, Amplitude is awarded for defeating a boss in the Labyrinth while Barksin is given by a unique character on Yaesha.

Additionally, Traits that are unique to an Archetype will become available for all classes once it reaches level 10. Getting the Challenger’s Strong Back Trait to Level 10 will unlock it for all classes so that when you switch off from Challenger it will still be available. The one caveat here is that it will not be Level10 when on another class: you must spend Trait Points to level it up.

Another element of Traits worth noting are the orange pips. These pips are your Prime Archetype’s starting Trait levels. The Challenger starts with three points of Vigor while the Handler only has one. Switching your Prime Archetype could see your Trait levels increase or decrease accordingly.

Get more Trait Points

As with Remnant: From the Ashes, Traits in Remnant 2 require Trait Points to level up. However, unlike the first game, Trait Points are not awarded by getting XP. Trait Points are earned by defeating bosses and collecting Tomes of Knowledge.

A Tome of Knowledge lying on the ground
Collecting a Tome of Knowledge awards one Trait Point.
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The one exception to this are the Archetype Traits. When you have an Archetype equipped, you will gain XP that not only unlocks more skills for that Archetype but also its unique Trait. When using the Challenger, you cannot use Trait Points to level up Strong Back, it will only improve by gaining XP. However, as mentioned above, once this hits Level 10 and unlocks for other classes, you will need to spend points on it to level it up.

Because Trait Points aren’t tied to XP, it’s now more important to think about where you spend your points as you won’t be getting as many as before.

Unlocking Traits in Remnant 2 is going to take a bit more work than it did in the first game. Moreover, choosing where to spend your Trait Points will be important, given they’re not as easy to come by. Be sure to check out our Remnant 2 page for more guides, including tips to get you started.

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