Evening Reading - June 20, 2023

It's nighttime in America and that means it's time to for another edition of Evening Reading.


Welcome to the end of your Tuesday, Shackers. We hope you enjoyed a nice long weekend. Even if you didn’t, you’re about to slip into the midway point of the week and enjoy that easy ride into the weekend. That said, we’ve still got an Evening Reading to attend to close the day of posting down right. Here it is. Please enjoy.

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And now… More stuff from The Internet!!!

From the Street Fighter 6 grind

Lately, I’ve hit a point where I either dominate or get dominated. I need to improve my reaction to Drive Impact for sure so I don’t end up in these dire situations.

But at least this isn’t happening to me

If someone Perfect Parried me that much, I would just stop pressing buttons after a certain point.

Nice Crash kicks

Looks like Geoff got himself some sick sneakers. Crash is looking good.

Some gentle submarine humor

Not related to anything in particular. Just not words you want to hear on the way to visit the Titanic, right?

Metal Gear Solid: Sh**post or Canon?

No lie, Sh**post or Canon would be a great video game quiz show segment.

No Rinoa! He’s not worth it!

Bless her heart, but at least Angelo will guard it.

And now for a classic

Simp Wheatley and Thicc GlaDOS remain undefeated.

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A happy mini-Aussie shepherd with whiskers of wisdom
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We hope you enjoyed this Evening Reading. Have a good night, y’all. We’ll hit you with the newest news and features in the morning.

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