Shacknews E7 Marvel Snap interview: Second Dinner on Galactus, unreleased cards & balance

We spoke to Second Dinner's Glenn Jones and Kent-Erik Hagman to learn more about the ongoing development of Marvel Snap.


Marvel Snap took the world by storm when it came out of early access in the fall of 2022. We here at Shacknews have thoroughly enjoyed our time with the game, giving it a lot of love at last year’s Shacknews Awards. For E7, we spoke with a couple of designers at developer Second Dinner to learn more about their work on the popular card battling game.

Shacknews’ Ozzie Mejia, Greg Burke, and Donovan Erskine spoke with Principal Game Designer Glenn Jones and Game Designer Kent-Erik Hagman to discuss the state of Marvel Snap and what lies ahead. During the chat, the developers gave us insight to their approach to buffing and nerfing cards, discussing the recent balance changes to Galactus.

They also shared stories about how cards have changed dramatically behind the scenes before players ever got a hold on them. Despite all of the characters featured in Marvel Snap, there are a lot of fan-favorites that have yet to enter the fray. They specifically name War Machine as a card they’ve been wanting to release for several months now, but haven’t found the right spot.

Second Dinner also talked to us about Marvel Snap’s monthly seasonal format. Each season has a unique theme, and Marvel Comics has an endless well of characters and storylines to serve as inspiration. Specifically, Glenn Jones called out the X-Men as one of his favorite Marvel properties, saying that he could see Marvel Snap doing “at least” two X-Men-themed seasons per year.

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