Evening Reading - June 13, 2023

It's nighttime in America, which means it's time for another edition of Evening Reading.


Welcome to the end of Tuesday, Shackers. We’ve come off of an amazing weekend of game reveals, but there’s still more summer gaming to come! That said, it’s just about time to wind down our day of posting, so we’ve prepared another wonderful round of Evening Reading for you. Please enjoy.

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And now… More stuff from The Internet!!!

An update on the Street Fighter 6 grind

Found an insanely hard, but rewarding combo with Marisa. I’ll be practicing to end rounds with this baby.

This man is a problem

Dee Jay mobility got the whole SF6 playerbase shaking in its boots, myself included.

Mmmmh, Final Fantasy character drama

I can’t wait for more fantasy-fiction baggage in my life when Final Fantasy 16 comes out.

A different time… A Four Loko time

I drank an original Four Loko one time and it was the only time I’ve ever blacked out. Those drinks were ridiculous.

Love the Spider, hear the Spider

Are you getting tickets?

End of an era

Pat Sajak always seemed so genuinely cool. What a great run from one of America’s favorite show hosts.

Torgal is best doggo

If anything happens to pupper in Final Fantasy 16, I will be inconsolable.

Let Torgal live this long

Lady Bird is also the best and we love her.

And there you have it, friends. That’s your Shacknews Evening Reading for this fine June 13. If you want to support the site, don’t forget about Shacknews Mercury, where you can help out for as little as a dollar a month. Don’t have a dollar? Don’t need one to enjoy Shackpets. It’s our free app on iOS and Android where you can enjoy the ultimate battle of pet cuteness. Check out the latest upload of Silo, AKA Flaff!

A mini-Aussie shepherd being tempted with treats off camera.
Silo is such a wiggle worm. I had to bait her with a biscuit to get her to be this calm!

Thanks for stopping by, Shackers. We hope you have a good evening. Up to anything fun? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty section below!

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