Where to find Ramella to sell ore - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Discovering Ramella's location and completing her quest, Amber Dealer, unlocks her as a merchant who buys ore at a high price.


Ramella is a travelling Gerudo merchant in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom who will buy ore from Link at a high price. Finding her and finishing her quest, Amber Dealer, will let Link sell ore to her in stacks of 10 – making it a great way to earn some extra rupees.

Where to find Ramella

A map showing Goron City
Ramella can be found in Goron City, the town to the northeast of the map at the base of Death Mountain.
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Ramella can be found in Goron City, the town at the base of Death Mountain in Eldin. Ramella is a Gerudo travelling merchant, so her position isn’t always the same. Wonder around the city until you spot her, she might be hanging around one of the stalls that are outside.

Amber Dealer Side Quest

The quest log showing the Amber Dealer side quest
Completing Amber Dealer will unlock Ramella as a merchant who buys ore.
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When you do find Ramella, she will have a quest for Link called Amber Dealer. She will want to purchase 10 pieces of amber for 200 rupees. Sell her the ore to complete the quest and unlock her as a merchant. From now on, she will buy ore from Link in bulk. You must bring her 10 of her preferred ore, no less.

Selling ore to Ramella

Link speaking with Ramella who tells him she will buy rubies
Ramella only buys ore in stacks of 10. She buys it at a higher price though, so the inconvenience is worth it.
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Speaking with Ramella after completing her quest will reveal that she will buy more ore from Link. She is very specific about what she wants and will only buy from Link whatever she is looking for and only ever in multiples of 10. Ramella will buy things like like 10 topazes for 1,000 rupees, 10 rubies for 1,300, and more.

After speaking with her and successfully selling your ore, keep talking with her to see what else she will buy. Take note of what she wants and remember to return to her when you’ve collected a stack of 10.

Even though it’s inconvenient to wait until you have a stack of 10, Ramella will buy the ore at a higher price than any other merchant. If you can hold off selling your ore, it’s definitely worth it, especially if you’re trying to farm rupees to buy something, like the cold resistance armor.

After finding Ramella and completing Amber Dealer, you’ll be one step closer to filling Link’s pockets with rupees. There’s plenty more to unlock in the game too, including additional inventory slots and upgrading the battery. Find more useful information in our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide!

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