Shack Chat: Which character is your Street Fighter 6 Day One main?

With Street Fighter 6 out for all to play, the Shack Staff asks the important question: Who are you starting the grind with on Day One?


The day has finally arrived when we can all dive into Street Fighter 6. The game is available now and it’s really good. It’s also got a beautiful starting cast of characters to choose from. So where do you begin? Are you going grappler? Zoner? Rushdown? Are you throwing fireballs or holding back for a summersault kick? With Street Fighter 6 out in the wild, the Shack Staff tackles the tough question…

Question: Which character is your Street Fighter 6 Day One main?

Dee Jay - Ozzie Mejia, Senior World Warrior

As a kid, I remember loving playing as Dee Jay casually. He was never really a top tier character at any point. He was scrub tier, much like myself. But there seems to be a new lease on life for Dee Jay in Street Fighter 6. His movements feel a lot more fluid and his moves feel like they pack a little more punch. I'm working on my timing, but I hope to get pretty far with Dee Jay.

JP - TJ Denzer, keeps evil in his back pocket for SF6

JP in Street Fighter 6

Source: Capcom

I know Dee Jay sounds a lot like TJ, and to be honest, he was very close to being my early pick for Street Fighter 6. Unfortunately, JP then caught my eye. A regal zoner utilizing the infamous Psycho Power, JP is a problem from most distances on the screen. Sure, you can get close to him and lay a beating down on his flimsy close-range normals, but he can also launch you to the other side of the screen and then barrage you with a variety of projectiles that would make Zangief weep. Also, this man has some of the most god-tier drip in the entire game. Destroying someone from the other side of the screen never looked so good.

Cammy - Sam Chandler, Proto-Australia

Cammy in Street Fighter 6
Source: Capcom

One of the first things I look for in a video game with multiple characters is whether or not I can play as an Australian. Failing that, I go for the next closest thing, which in the case of Street Fighter 6, is Cammy. Truthfully, you can’t really go wrong with picking Cammy as your main as she’s been around since almost the very beginning. Plus, fighting in a leotard? That takes guts.

Blanka - Asif Khan, Shacknews CEO/EIC/EIEIO

Blank in Street Fighter 6
Source: Capcom

I tried out E. Honda and Blanka, and I just feel like Blanka is gonna be my main in SF6. But I am a filthy casual button masher, so what do I know?

Zangief - Bill Lavoy, Never had a mohawk

Zangief in Street Fighter 6
Source: Capcom

If you know anything about me you know my main out of the box is Zangief. I don’t care or know how he plays, but I instantly recognized him from playing Street Fighter in years past. Huge with a mohawk, I assume Zangief uses brute force, and that’s a style I can get behind. Need to get to the other side of that wall? No door required, we’ll just run through it. That’s a spirit I can appreciate.

Kimberly - Donovan Erskine, Street Fighter noob

Kimberly in Street Fighter 6
Source: Capcom

One of the new additions to the SF family, I think Kimberly looks pretty sick. Her aesthetic is really cool, and I had some good fun playing her during the beta. I’m also a newcomer to the SF family, and have no clue what the hell I’m doing. I’m not even sure if Kimberly will be a viable character once the meta shakes out, but I think she’s neat!

Marisa - Dennis White Jr., The Gladiator we deserve

Marisa in Street Fighter 6
Source: Capcom

Since none of my favorite characters from previous Street Fighter games have actually made it into SF6 at launch, I’ve been trying out some of the new blood. Marisa has definitely been impressing me so far. She’s got the power and damage, some solid defensive options, and one of the coolest outros in the game. Zangief better watch out! I also really like that she’s got some solid normal attacks and buttons that let you play some footsies but also has beefy command throws and overheads as well. After my short but eventful 24 hrs with the character, it’s safe to say I’m all in on this muscle mommy!

Dhalsim - Steve Tyminski, Stevetendo Show host, Throwing punches like footballs!

Dhalsim in Street Fighter 6
Source: Capcom

Growing up I was more into Mortal Kombat instead of Street Fighter, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t play Street Fighter from time to time. I remember going over to my friend’s house and playing Street Fighter 2 when I was a kid. Fast forward to the present and Street Fighter 6 is coming out. I’m not the greatest fighting game player so I try to go with someone who has some ranged attacks. That sounds like Dhalsim to me so that’s who I would play as first. I always thought it was cool that Dhalsim’s arms and legs were so long that you could throw a punch from halfway across the battlefield.  A close second is Guile because you can never go wrong playing as Guile!

These are our picks for Day One mains in Street Fighter 6, but which fighter is yours? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty section below and be sure to read up on our review of why Street Fighter 6 is a glorious new chapter for the series!

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