Project Ferocious dev talks Crysis inspiration & developing in Unity

For a lot of PC gamers, Crysis was the ultimate rig test. For Saalfrank, it was an inspiration, spurring him on to make something great.


The great thing about talking to indie developers at game conferences is that we get to dig deep into thoughts and ideas about game development. We’re also afforded insights into games that are still quite a ways out but still manage to pique our interests. Leo Saalfrank gave us the best of both worlds when we got to chat with him about his upcoming title, Project Ferocious.

Project Ferocious is a first person, narrative-driven game set on an island that feels like a lost world. There are prehistoric creatures, giant crabs fighting you, and military bases full of hostiles. The game looks like it is harnessing the energy of Crysis, and there’s a good reason for that.

Saalfrank went into some detail about his thoughts on Crysis, how it amazed him when it first came out. Since then, he’s dreamed of creating something that has a similar effect. This is evident in the gameplay, as the character fights through lush jungles and explodes enemy encampments. The visuals are stunning, with a whole lot of detail packed into every pixel.

Our conversation with Saalfrank had him speaking about his twelve years of using Unity, how the constant advancement of technology helps and hinders, and the various technical feats he is able to pull off thanks to Unity. If you want more interviews like this, you can find them on GamerHubTV. There’s also our Shacknews YouTube channel for exclusive gameplay and reviews.

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