The Witcher: Season 3 gets June premiere date

The final season with series star Henry Cavill is about to begin.


Henry Cavill is about to embark on his final journey as Geralt of Rivia. On Tuesday, Netflix released a new teaser for The Witcher's third season. While Season 3 will not be the show's final one, it will be the last for its lead actor. That adds some extra gravity to the one-minute teaser that Netflix released, hinting that Geralt will discover what fear truly means.

Look for The Witcher: Season 3 to be split into two volumes and total eight episodes. The first will arrive on Thursday, June 29 while the second premieres on Thursday, July 27. The new season will be based on the second book in Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher series, Time of Contempt. While Geralt has been a stone cold protagonist through the series to this point, this new season will test Geralt both physically and emotionally.

"For years, Geralt has claimed neutrality, shunned politics and publicly asserted that witchers don’t have emotions — all to make his life as a killer easier to navigate," creator Lauren Schmidt-Hissrich explained on Netflix Tudum. "We've seen him battle monsters and monstrous humans; we’ve watched as he’s hardened himself in order to survive. This season, he can no longer do that."

The Witcher 3 premiere date poster

Source: Netflix

Fans will have more interest in this latest season than usual, not just because of where the story is going, but because of Cavill's imminent departure. Netflix previously announced that Season 3 would be Cavill's final one as he departs to take on new projects. Starting in Season 4, Liam Hemsworth will step into the role of Geralt.

Tune into Netflix this June to see where the story of The Witcher is headed. We'll be watching along with everybody else and you can hear our thoughts every week on our weekly series Pop! Goes the Culture, covering all things video game adjacent in the world of pop culture.

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