Resident Evil 4 update kills 'scope warp' speedrun glitch

A popular glitch that allowed players to circumvent locked doors in Resident Evil 4 has been removed in the game's latest update.

Image via Capcom

It appears that Resident Evil 4 remake players have one less method of cheesing their way through the game. A popular glitch which allowed players to circumvent locked doors in Resident Evil 4 has been removed as of the latest update, killing it as a speedrun strategy for the time being.

Capcom released the latest update for Resident Evil 4 as announced on the Resident Evil website on April 23, 2023. In the April 23 update, it explicitly calls out the “scope warp” glitch as one of the bits in Resident Evil 4 that had been fixed as of this update.

The scope warp has showed up frequently on Twitter as of late with players often using the aim-down-sights feature of scoped weapons to get through doors that can simply be opened from the other side, such as a barred door in the construction area of the Island in the last third of the game. You can see an example of the glitch in action as it was before the update below.

The removal of this glitch is sure to ruffle some feathers in the speedrun community, which is usually not thrilled when a glitch that makes game runs easier is removed, especially in single-player games. Nonetheless, the glitch seen above could be used in a variety of places in Resident Evil 4, allowing outright skips of large sections of the game. With such a thing removed entirely, players are going to have to take the long way around these instances.

Nonetheless, speedrunners are a crafty bunch. It didn’t take them long to find the scope warp glitch. There’s no telling if there’s other glitch shortcuts of the like in the game. For more on Resident Evil 4, be sure to follow our coverage for the latest updates.

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