Candle Knight Is a throwback to classic 3D PlayStation side scrollers

We recently caught up with indie dev and Dracma Studios co-founder Mario Vallarta to talk about developing his upcoming game Candle Knight.


The Indie MIX at GDC 2023 is a great opportunity to check out a number of games that may have otherwise flown under the radar. Many of these titles are made by small or solo developers with a passion for bringing their ideas to life. Candle Knight is a fine example of that and we got a chance to speak to the game's co-creator and co-founder of Dracma Studios Mario Vallarta during the MIX to find out what makes his game shine so bright.

According to Vallarta, Candle Knight is, “About a little candle who wants to light up his home, which is a gothic castle.” Vallarta goes on to describe Candle Knight as an action-adventure game with some metroidvania and soulsborne mechanics. He also cites the classic Mickey Mouse game Castle of Illusion as well as Dark Souls and Elden Ring as major influences. The game also lets you choose the challenge level as you play and adjust the difficulty accordingly. You can catch the entire interview below where Vallarta goes into more detail about the game and talks about the challenges of making games in 2023 as well as being a Latino developer.

As of right now, Candle Knight does not have a release date. However, the team at Dracma Studios is hoping to launch on PC by the end of May 2023 and consoles later down the road. But there’s no official release date beyond that. For more information on Candle Knight you can head to Dracma Studios' official website. Also be sure to check out all of our coverage from this year's MIX and GDC. And for more great interviews and other awesome video content check out our GameHubTV and Shacknews YouTube channels.

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