Minecraft Legends devs talk tech tree, crossplay, and PVP

Mojang has woven classic strategy elements in Minecraft and we got to chat with the developers all about it!


From the clever team at Mojang, Minecraft Legends adds another twist to the iconic franchise. This title transports players into an action strategy game where controlling allies and issuing commands is as important as building up defenses. We had to learn more about what went into creating the game so we had a chat with Executive Producer Dennis Reis and Principal Design Director Craig Leigh. Check out the video interview below!

The inspiration and starting point for Minecraft Legends was to make the player feel like a hero and a commander. As players dig into the campaign – which can be played co-op up to four players – they’ll slowly learn the systems and mechanics before being released into the massive, sandbox world.

From here, players will assign tasks to their allies. Gathering allies will go and fetch resources while building allies will construct the fortresses and defenses. This will leave the player to decide which sort of structure should go where, planning out their base and attack “thought by thought” as opposed to “brick by brick”.

Beyond the campaign, players can dig into the competitive PVP of Minecraft Legends. The goal is to completely destroy your opponent’s base while ensuring the same doesn’t happen to yours. Players will need to explore the procedurally generated world, work together with teammates, and create an impenetrable fortress while attacking their foes. The multipler will feature matchmaking, which is helpful for those without friends online to play, and also sports crossplay between the various platforms.

There’s plenty of exciting tidbits to discover in the interview, so make sure you check it out. Minecraft Legends is set to release on April 18, 2023 across all Xbox platforms, all PlayStation platforms, Nintendo Switch, PC including Windows Store and Steam, and of course, day one on Game Pass. For more interviews, head to the GamerHubTV YouTube channel and the Shacknews YouTube channel for exclusive gameplay.

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