Tales from the Far Territory Part Two arrives in The Long Dark

The latest update to The Long Dark, titled Signal Void, will give players more reasons to explore Great Bear Island.


Tales from the Far Territory launched for The Long Dark in December of 2022, bringing the first paid expansion to perhaps the best pure survival game available. That expansion outlined a year’s worth of both paid and free content making its way to the Quiet Apocalypse. Today, Hinterland Studio released Tales from the Far Territory Part Two, detailing what players can expect with an accompanying update video narrated by Katie Sorrell, Project Lead on The Long Dark.

Part Two of Tales from the Far Territory is called Signal Void, and introduces the first Tale to the paid content stream. This Tale centers around the new transponder gameplay, which allows players to repair transmitters to pick up signals during the Aurora or Glimmer Fog so long as they have a Handheld Shortwave radio. These signals will lead players to bunkers and unique caches containing items that are only found in these nifty survival gear treasure troves. The new Technical Balaclava, for example, is only available for those that dive into this new transponder gameplay and track down these caches. Curious players can also find new food items and the Security Chief’s Rifle Holster, which will reduce the carry weight of the game’s rifles.

In addition to the paid content outlined above, the March update will also bring some cool changes free for all players, even if they don’t own Tales from the Far Territory. Beachcombing has been reworked to provide more value when exploring after a blizzard, even teasing that you might find a boat to loot. Acorns have been added underneath oak trees found around Great Bear, which can be eaten or used to make coffee. Finally, Fire Hardened Arrows will allow players to hunt smaller game with arrows more easily crafted than the standard ones you would use on larger animals.

The update video closes out with good news about Prepper Caches. These were removed with the December update, and are now back with some changes. Previously, Prepper Caches were only found in a select few regions, and only one would spawn in each area. Now, there are nine regions where Prepper Caches can be found, but only three will be fully stocked in each new save. As expected, the caches that are fully stocked will be randomized with each new run. Additionally, Prepper Caches can now be found in Interloper, The Long Dark’s most punishing difficulty for Survival mode.

To get a complete look at everything coming with Tales from the Far Territory Part Two and the free March update, watch the update video embedded above, or check out The Long Dark’s Expansion page. You can also view detailed patch notes for Part Two of Tales from the Far Territory.

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