GigaBash lets you smash and bash your friends as epic kaiju monsters

The game immediately caught our attention at PAX East thanks to its delightfully chaotic multiplayer combat.


If you’ve ever wanted to wreak havoc and chaos as a kaiju monster like Godzilla, preferably against your friends in head-to-head combat, you’ll undoubtedly want to dig deeper into a game called GigaBash. At PAX East 2023, GigaBash was actually a game I stumbled upon at random while walking around admiring all of the amazing indie games on offer.

Standing back and watching four people battle each other as kaijus like Godzilla, Gorogong, Gigaman, or even a character modeled after a building called Kongkrete, I knew I absolutely had to play this game for myself. Once my turn came around to battle with three strangers, I debated on which kaiju to pick before ultimately settling on a variant of Godzilla called Mechagodzilla. Part Godzilla, part mech, what’s not to love?

GigaBash screenshot showing Gorogong unleashing its S-Class monster form to expand in size
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Combat itself starts out simple enough as you’re dropped into a large cityscape and need to target and attack your opponents while also making sure to block attacks, if not avoid them entirely in the event your opponent builds up their meter to unleash their character’s powerful final form as an S-Class monster. In doing this, the character grows in size exponentially, and every time this happened whether it was their character or that of an opponent’s, the people I played along with onlookers all cheered.

It’s hard not to when you see a monster rapidly grow in size and stomp around the battlefield while smaller kaijus are doing their best to get out of the way, while building up their own meters. Seeing multiple, massive S-Class monsters engaged in a fight is wildly entertaining.

GigaBash screenshot showing some of the game's side modes like Burger Chaos
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For those who aren’t as keen on battling with friends but want to get in on all the kaiju vs. kaiju action, four-player multiplayer isn’t the only way to put your kaiju skills to the test. The game also offers 2v2 fights, online and couch co-op, and solo battles where you can smack around AI foes in modes like the game’s single-player campaign.

Other modes include Onslaught Mode where you’ll fight waves of enemies, Mayhem Online where you and friends can enjoy minigames together, and a classic Arcade Mode where you can single-player battle it out in eight random AI matches plus one S-Class Final Boss.

GigaBash promo image for its DLC featuring Godzilla and Mechagodzilla
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As exciting as all of that is, something worth noting if you want access to kaijus like Godzilla is that you’ll need to spend an additional $9.99 on the game’s DLC which includes the likes of Godzilla, Gigan, Mechagodzilla, and Destoroyah. This comes on top of the game’s base price of $34.99, with GigaBash currently available on PC platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store, plus PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

In the future, the game will also target Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms. For those curious, GigaBash does have cross-play support through its cross-platform matchmaking. Players on all platforms from PS5 to Steam and Epic Games Store share the same public matchmaking pool through the game’s Public Match. However, the ability to invite friends from other platforms via Private Match hasn’t been added just yet.

GigaBash screenshot showing one of the characters called Kongkrete dashing forward at a foe
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Overall, GigaBash is an excellent game to have a raucous good time with friends, or channel your inner kaiju against AI foes in single-player modes like the game’s campaign. For more on GigaBash, check out the game’s official website, and its store pages on platforms like Steam.

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