Kitbash Model Club is an upcoming RC vehicle builder from Kerbal Space Program's creator

Felipe 'HarvesteR' Falanghe is developing an improved version of Balsa Model Flight Simulator about building the model cars, planes, and rockets of your dreams.


In 2021, Kerbal Space Program creator Felipe “HarvesteR” Falanghe launched Balsa Model Flight Simulator in early access. It didn’t quite take off as intended, but now Falanghe, his Floating Origin Interactive studio, and publisher Curve Games are preparing an improved and expanded version of the game called Kitbash Model Club. It will be free to Balsa Model Flight Simulator owners and includes all sorts of vehicle building, including RC cars and model rockets.

Curve Games and Floating Origin Interactive announced Kitbash Model Club and details about it with a new Steam page and YouTube trailer on March 28, 2023. Felipe 'HarvesteR' Falanghe makes no qualms about saying that Kitbash is an improved version of Balsa Model Flight Simulator. While the creator had success with Kerbal Space Program in early access, he was faced with a reality that responses to early access and the process therein have changed since he first launched Kerbal. Also, people don’t seem to remember when cheap balsa wood glider planes were a common model shop staple. With that in mind, Falanghe expanded Kitbash’s scope to include more building opportunities and reach a wider audience.

Design in Kitbash Model Club
Kitbash Model Club looks like it will supply a wealth of creative options to design your ideal model vehicle, in both form and function.
Source: Curve Games

“We realized that we were limiting ourselves in just thinking about it as a flight simulator, because it could be a scale simulator for anything," Falanghe told PC Gamer. "The moment we added new parts, it opened the floodgates to all these other things the game should be able to do.”

To that end, Kitbash Model Club is diversifying its offerings to include a revised map that will suit all sorts of player creations. The trailer shows off all sorts of fun stuff, including RC cars, model planes, toy boats, rockets, and more fun stuff players can build from scratch.

Given the creativity and physics of Kerbal Space Program, Kitbash Model Club looks like a promising venture for Falanghe and the crew at Floating Origin Interactive. We’ll be keeping an on this one and suggest fans of Kerbal do the same by wishlisting the game.

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