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Recall, Fuse, Ultrahand & Ascend are some of Link's new abilities in Tears of the Kingdom

Link can manipulate time, fuse weapons, and create vehicles with his new abilities.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will take players back to a familiar land, but with some fresh secrets to discover. This includes a new set of abilities for Link to use in exploration and combat. There are four new abilities in Tears of the Kingdom: Recall, Fuse, Ultrahand, and Ascend. We got a look at all four of these new abilities and how they work in a new gameplay video.

Our first look at the new abilities in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom came during the ten-minute gameplay presentation that Nintendo shared today. The first new ability revealed was Recall, which Link can use to rewind the timeline of events in regard to specific objects in the world. We see Recall used to reverse a large rock that fell from a Sky Island, turning it into a makeshift elevator to the floating land mass.

Fuse is the second new ability in Tears of the Kingdom and appears to be the answer to concerns surrounding weapon degradation and the endless search for a new combat tool. Link can fuse weapons with other weapons, as well as other miscellaneous objects, to create new weapons with unique effects. For example, a pitchfork can be combined with a stick to make an incredibly long and sharp weapon. We also see a stick and rock fused to make a hammer-like item.

The third new ability shown off is Ultrahand. This allows Link to build vehicles out of various objects found in Hyrule. In the gameplay demo, we see Link combine a few logs, and attach two fans to the rear to make a boat and cross a body of water. There is also a car-like vehicle with wheels and one that flies in the sky. Nintendo emphasized that there is a lot of potential in regard to what players can build with Ultrahand.

Lastly, Nintendo showed off Ascend as another one of Link’s new abilities in Tears of the Kingdom. Ascend allows Link to phase through a ceiling above him and come out on the other side. This can be used to get to the top of mountains without having to meticulously climb and preserve stamina.

We’re unsure if these are all of Link’s new abilities in Tears of the Kingdom, but it won’t be long until we get a definitive answer. The Breath of the Wild sequel is set to launch on May 12, 2023.

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