Crash Team Rumble gets June release date & April closed beta

Crash Bandicoot's 4v4 multiplayer fiesta has an official release date, as well as dates for an upcoming closed beta.


Back in December, Activision and Toys for Bob announced that they would be returning to the world of Crash Bandicoot. However, they would be doing so in an unexpected way. Crash has been in several platformers and a racing title, but now he's about to dive into a team-based multiplayer competition called Crash Team Rumble. On Tuesday, Activision revealed some new details along with an official release date.

First revealed at The Game Awards, Crash Team Rumble pits teams of four against one another. Players can select various characters from across the Crash world, like Crash himself, sister Coco, nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex, and series favorite Dingodile. Each character will have their own distinct abilities and moves and slot into the role of either Scorer, Blocker, or Booster.

The object of Crash Team Rumble is to score more Wumpa fruit than the opposing squad by depositing anything they pick up in their team's Wumpa Bank. Scorers specialize in collecting Wumpa fruit and scoring while Blockers are primarily on defense. Boosters are more of a wild card, as they specialize in collecting Gems, which affect a team's Wumpa score, and activating Relic Stations, which can offer teams various bonuses. Each session will feel different thanks to the game's different maps, which will vary in size and layout.

Crash Team Rumble characters clash

Source: Activision

Toys for Bob hopes to make Crash Team Rumble last and is already planning out seasonal content. This includes seasonal Battle Passes, which will be deployed every few months. Those curious about Crash Team Rumble may not have to wait too long to find out how it plays. A closed beta is planned for April 20-24 and will be open to users who pre-order their copy of the game.

Crash Team Rumble is scheduled to release on Tuesday, June 20. It is currently set to release on PlayStation and Xbox only with cross-platform play available. The standard version will sell for $29.99 USD, while the Deluxe Edition that includes the Season 1 and 2 Battle Passes and a few other in-game goodies will go for $10 more. Look for more information over on the Crash Team Rumble website.

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