Everspace 2 devs offer look at 1.0 launch & new end game content

In a recent developer preview of Everspace 2, new end game content is touched upon along with other things players can look forward to with the game's 1.0 launch.


In a recent developer preview of Everspace 2 ahead of the game’s 1.0 launch, exciting new end game content was shown. While we can’t share specific details about what this end game content focuses on, and certainly don’t want to spoil any surprises as far as the story goes, we can say that players can expect a number of new cutscenes and action-packed combat opportunities.

New content has reportedly been added to each of the game’s star systems for the 1.0 launch, including new cutscenes as previously mentioned, with all cutscenes having been overhauled across the board. The developers recommend players start a new game to avoid missing any of this newly added, overhauled content.

It’s also noted that achievements won’t unlock with the game’s new content for those playing on older save files. Given the high volume of requests from the community, old saves will continue to be accessible according to the developers. However, the team cautions they won’t be able to provide as much technical support with these old saves and advise people to “play at your own risk.”

Elsewhere, a new companion is teased for the 1.0 release in addition to new legendary weapons and expanded ship customization options. As vague as all of that is, more information on Everspace 2’s end game content can be expected to drop closer to its 1.0 launch on April 6.

Everspace 2 community screenshot showing a ship flying through an industrial area
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Following a brief look at some of the end game content coming to Everspace 2, a developer Q&A session also took place that gave further insight into what players can expect from the game as it exits Early Access. Everspace 2, which is described as an action-RPG space looter shooter, is said to feature more of an open-world setup than its predecessor.

Over 100 locations are included in Everspace 2, with these spread out across the game’s vast universe. For those simply interested in the game’s story, the developers note it’ll take around 30 hours to complete, which includes some light exploration and side quest activities. Completionists on the other hand are looking at closer to 90 hours of gameplay in Everspace 2, with that total going all the way up to potentially 120 hours for players who want to do absolutely everything there is to do in the game.

Everspace 2 community screenshot showing a ship flying in space with a pretty galaxy and nebula backdrop
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Random encounters and procedurally generated content will still be present in Everspace 2, but won’t be as closely tied to the game’s story and campaign as was previously the case in Everspace 1. Story content has been vastly expanded upon in a variety of ways outside of this as well, with the developers remarking that Everspace 1 had around 1 hour of dialogue, while Everspace 2 has closer to 4 hours of dialogue.

The team currently has plans to release a free DLC update sometime in Q3 2023 which will add more weapons and ship customization options to the game. Additionally, the team is working on a massive paid expansion planned for mid-2024, with the team remarking they’ve already secured a grant from the German government so funding is already in place for this expansion.

For those curious about things like Steam Deck, Everspace 2 does support Steam Deck play at the moment, though it’s not currently optimized as far as performance goes. Addressing this, the team stated they’re working on a native Linux build for the 1.0 release that should smooth out any performance issues with Everspace 2 on Steam Deck.

All in all, the content we saw for Everspace 2 has us incredibly excited for the game’s upcoming 1.0 launch and we can’t wait to talk about it even more next month. Again, Everspace 2 will be released out of Early Access on PC on April 6. For more on Everspace 2, be sure to check out the game’s official website, and follow its official social channels if you aren’t already to stay up-to-date on the game’s 1.0 launch.

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