Like a Dragon Ishin: How to Get Money Fast

Investing in the game's farming sim Another Life is the best way to get ryo.

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Money doesn’t start off being a problem in Like a Dragon Ishin, but the crafting system eventually demands heaps of cash if you want to upgrade Ryoma’s weapons and armor. Every regular battle typically rewards about 1,000 to 1,500 mon (10,000 mon converts to 1 ryo), which is high enough to purchase whatever you need for the first few chapters. If you really need cash, you can battle in the 100-man challenge in the arena that will net you 5 ryo for every successful completion..

By the midgame, though, the price to raise just one of Ryoma’s equipment pieces to the third tier can cost 5 ryo each. Then by the endgame, the fourth tier can cost about 20 ryo and the final fifth tier can cost more than 100 ryo. Also, if you want the best chance of acquiring the rarest Troopers, you will need to spend 10 ryo a pop on recruitment near the endgame. At that point, amassing money through standard battles is going to take a ridiculously long time. Luckily, there is a way to get 100 ryo or more in just under 30 minutes.

The fastest way to gain money is by farming (literally)

Another Life, the optional farming sim that unlocks in Chapter 4, is the best way to earn ryo. This makes sense since it’s by far the meatiest side objective in the game. The farm doesn’t look like much at the beginning as the plot is really small and Ryoma doesn’t have much outside of daikon that he can grow.

But over time, if you invest the Virtue to upgrade the farm and teach Ryoma how to grow all of the fruit and vegetables available, you will be able to get heaps of cash by completing orders. All of the Virtue upgrades for the farm are worth getting, which includes farm expansion, crop growth rate, scarecrow improvements to protect your crops, and all of the Green Thumb blessings so you can plant the different types of produce.

If you want to accelerate crop growth, you can purchase Fertilizer from the Tasshado Pharmacy in Fushimi (that’s the closest location). That said, you’ll earn a lot of extra Fertilizer just by completing orders. The small shed at the corner of the farm plot will allow Ryoma to spread the Fertilizer, instantly lowering the time it takes for all active crops to finish growing. The game won’t let you use this again until you wait some amount of time, but all you need to do is to enter and exit your house to reset this cooldown.

List of farm orders for every rotation

The order details screen in Like A Dragon: Ishin.
Once you finish this order for ginseng, you'll have finished one rotation and made over 40 ryo
Source: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio

Inside the farmhouse, you can look at orders by interacting with the cabinet in the far corner. The orders for produce are the only ones that matter here. You’re free to complete orders for dishes and other miscellaneous items, but we won’t be focusing on that here.

As shown in the video above, starting with Daikon, the orders for produce become progressively more difficult by asking for crops that are harder to grow. Once you reach the order for one Ginseng (which takes a long time to grow), the rotation for orders will reset back to Daikon. Completing all of the orders in one rotation gives you about 40 to 45 ryo.

Here is a list of typical orders that will appear in each rotation from start to finish:

  • Any 5 or 10 produce items
  • Daikon x5 or x10
  • Carrot x5 or x10
  • Potato x5 or x10
  • Spinach x5 or x10
  • Cucumber x5 or x10
  • Carrot x10
  • Sweet Potato x5
  • Green Onion x10
  • Eggplant x15
  • Onion x5
  • Turnip x5
  • Broad Bean x10
  • Burdock Root x5
  • Ginger x10
  • Pumpkin x5
  • Bok Choy x5
  • Hot Pepper x5
  • Garlic x5
  • 2 Types of Melon (Cucumber x1, Pumpkin x1)
  • Cabbage x4
  • Tomato x4
  • Taro x4
  • Strawberry x4
  • 3 Types of Potato (Potato x1, Sweet Potato x1, Taro x1)
  • Ginseng x1

For the “Any 5 or 10 produce items” order, we recommend using crops that have a high yield like Broad Beans or Hot Peppers.

Better yet, completing these orders will occasionally award you extra materials like Fine Silk Fabric and Fine Horse’s Mane. Adopting the three cats [link to Cat and Dogs guide] and acquiring the Deluxe Cat Bed blessing using Virtue will increase the chances of getting bonus materials too. More than that, you’ll earn a small amount of Virtue with every order you complete, which adds up very quickly.

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