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Evening Reading - February 17, 2023

The Marvels, big plushes, jungle beats, Inside the NBA goes tubing, Stokely Hathaway shoots his shot, and more. It must be the Friday edition of Evening Reading.


Greetings, travelers! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day this week. If you need more time to celebrate, there's a three-day weekend! Before we send you off to celebrate the American Presidents, let's browse through the latest news, memes, and entertainment. This is the Friday edition of Evening Reading.

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

And, because it's the weekend, go find yourself something to play!

Around the gaming horn

Here's a look at what to expect from Rainbow Six Siege's Year 8 reveal. We've got more to say about this here at Shacknews, so stay tuned throughout the weekend.

Here's an early look at the Cherry Blossom biome, which is coming to Minecraft with the 1.20 update.

The doctors have come to Mario Kart Tour.

Finally, Tales of Symphonia Remastered is out today.

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!!!


The Marvels has been delayed to November. Considering Guardians 3 is coming in May and this summer should see the Disney+ premieres of Loki's second season and (maybe) Secret Invasion, there should be more than enough to keep Marvel fans satisfied until then.

Meanwhile, I have thoughts on Quantumania, but that's something for another day.


I'm curious to see if plushies come bigger than this Wailord.

*checks price*

They certainly don't get more expensive.

Someone set this doll to "Evil"

My main issue with M3GAN was that it felt like the movie could only go so far with a PG-13 rating. This should fix that nicely.

Jungle beats

Those 2000s era soundtracks used to bring it.

Visiting family

Doug Bowser takes a stroll through Bowser's Castle at Super Nintendo World.

Nothing but the Hotfix

Throughout February, Games Done Quick has been celebrating Black History Month with Unapologetically Black and Fast. Here's just a sample of what GDQ has been spotlighting, but go check out the GDQ YouTube channel for many more runs from top Black speedrunners.

GDQ's Hotfix shows air every week and you can catch them all at the Games Done Quick Twitch account.

Under the learning tree with Masahiro Sakurai

Masahiro Sakurai started a YouTube channel! Let's learn from his decades of experience together by looking at one of his latest videos. This week, Sakurai examines the reward system in games, how it's evolved over decades, and how important it is to give players a basic sense of satisfaction.

This week in Shaqnews

Live from the site of the NBA All-Star Game in Salt Lake City, the Inside the NBA crew goes tubing. This goes as well as you might expect for Ernie and Keny.


Who's going to say no to a devoted family man like Stokely Hathaway?

Tonight in video game music

FamilyJules is back with this metal rendition of the Sada & Turo battle from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

That's it for the third Friday Evening Reading for the month of February! Be sure to keep the spirit of the classic Evening Reading alive by jumping into the comments about whatever you see here or whatever randomness you'd like to discuss. Join the conversation and dive into the Shacknews Chatty comment thread below. I'll see you all next week!

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