How to remove Karakuri - Wild Hearts

Here's how to delete Karakuri you've placed accidentally or if you want to free up resources in Wild Hearts.

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Karakuri are strange devices you can build in Wild Hearts. These tools let you reach great heights, create campsites, and even aid you in hunting the mighty Kemono. But sometimes you might place one in the wrong spot or need to free up resources to create something in another location. It’s at these times you’ll need to know how to delete or remove Karakuri.

How to remove Karakuri

Creating Karakuri is a big element in Wild Hearts, but sometimes you’ll also need to delete a Karakuri that you’ve created. Sometimes it’s because you’ve accidentally placed a springboard or because you want to shift your fast travel point to another location. Regardless, it’s as simple as holding the Karakuri create button (LB, L1, or right-click) and highlighting what you want gone.

You can remove Karakuri you've placed using the same menu used to create them.
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While you’re holding the Karakuri button, press the button with the exploding crate symbol. This is right thumbstick on Xbox and PlayStation or H on PC. A large, transparent box will appear. Anything inside this box will be deleted when you press Y, Triangle, or E. You can use X/B, Square/Circle, and Q/C to decrease or increase the size of the box.

When you’ve highlighted the Karakuri you wish to delete, simply press Y, Triangle, or E and it will be removed. This is a great way to quickly get rid of a creation you no longer need – like if you’ve placed a Flying Vine in the wrong spot and need to reposition it.

Anything inside the box will be deleted and the resources refunded to use again.
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Deleting Karakuri is useful if you’ve ran out of resources at a Dragon Pit and need to make something elsewhere. This could happen if you’ve got a tent at one place but want to create a fast travel point at another.

It’s worth noting that any complex Karakuri you create (Flying Vine, Hunter’s Tower, etc) that gets destroyed by a Kemono will regenerate. This is different to the Basic Karakuri (boxes, springboards, etc) that are used specifically in hunts which will remain destroyed until you build them again.

Removing Karakuri in Wild Hearts is easy but an important tool to remember. Delete anything you don’t need, as you do not want to find yourself in a situation where you want to craft something but lack the resources. Swing by the Shacknews Wild Hearts page for more tips to help you on your hunts.

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