Forspoken director Takeshi Aramaki says performance fixes are coming for PC & PS5

Assurance was shared on social media in regards to an upcoming Forspoken patch, with performance improvements coming for PC and PS5 platforms.


On social media, Head of Studio and Director of Forspoken, Takeshi Aramaki, shared a statement in regards to player feedback. More specifically, Aramaki opens by thanking everyone who’s enjoyed Forspoken since launch before confirming that the team has been listening to the feedback they’ve been receiving.

With this, Aramaki assures the team is “hard at work on an upcoming patch that will include improvements to overall performance, graphics, playability, and general updates and fixes to the game content across PS5 and various PC hardware configurations.” Aramaki then goes on to note that the team is committed to making Forspoken “the most enjoyable experience possible” before stating they’ll provide an update in regards to the timing of the next patch “as soon as possible.”

Message from Forspoken's director Takeshi Aramaki promising a performance patch for PS5 and PC platforms
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The news comes on the heels of reports of players experiencing a variety of issues with Forspoken performance wise, particularly on PC platforms. The game has also received middling reviews, with Shacknews’ own Ozzie Mejia remarking that, “Forspoken's magical parkour system has a lot of potential and can be fun. It offers a novel means of traversal, if nothing else. However, the combat and the vast world aren't enough for me to overlook many of Forspoken's other issues, which mainly start with Frey Holland herself.”

For more on this, be sure to read through our full review of Forspoken. Also catch up with some of our previous coverage including Forspoken getting a PC demo alongside its release.

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