The Day Before's 10 minute gameplay trailer has left fans puzzled

The zombie post-apocalyptic game has frightfully few zombies in a gameplay trailer that is mostly walking down streets and lengthy looting animations.


The Day Before has had a tumultuous couple of weeks. Despite the woes, the team at Fntastic has released 10 minutes of gameplay in what might be one of the most confounding trailers in recent times. There’s not a lot happening here as it is primarily two characters running through streets and shooting a handful of infected. As such the community that was once excited for this game has been left puzzled by what’s being shown. Take a look for yourself.

The gameplay trailer starts off with nearly a minute and a half of the player character running down an empty suburban street on the outskirts of a city. It’s not long before they duck inside an abandoned house and find a workbench.

Workbenches seem to offer points in the world where players can do the typical dismantling, crafting, and attaching of modifications to weapons. Break down junk for bits, use bits to make attachments. It’s a cycle as old as time.

At a few different points in the trailer, the player can be seen holding F for a few seconds in order to open a cupboard, purse, or truck to scavenge for goods. When the game does get to the action, the players manage to dispatch roughly 13 infected spread out across a few different encounters.

Suffice it to say, the reaction to the gameplay has not been overwhelmingly positive. Viewers on YouTube have come out in force, commenting on the lack of zombie threat in a zombie post-apocalypse game, “Man those four whole zombies were super tense! GOTY material right here.” Others have criticised the slow pace and time spent in the inventory screen fiddling with weapon mods.

As PC Gamer reported, The Day Before was one of the most wishlisted games on Steam and now it’s nowhere to be found on the platform. This disappearance is thanks to a trademark dispute between the team at Fntastic and an individual who allegedly filled out a trademark before them.

Though the development team is small and consists of volunteers, what’s being shown here has seemingly missed the mark with the once avid fanbase. “I’m gonna need a demo at this point if they expect me to buy it,” laments another commenter. It seems like the team has a long way to go to not only inject some excitement into the game, but win back the favor of its supporters.

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    February 2, 2023 9:20 PM

    Sam Chandler posted a new article, The Day Before's 10 minute gameplay trailer has left fans puzzled

    • rms legacy 10 years legacy 20 years mercury super mega
      February 3, 2023 9:07 AM

      Looks pretty good to me; needs more enemies, and more combat variety for sure. You could've told me this is a Division game and I'd believe it, at first glance. If there're no skill trees, or real missions to accomplish, well that's a problem.

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        February 3, 2023 5:42 PM

        I'm genuinely curious: what part of the trailer looked pretty good to you?

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