Wild Hearts devs say it will have free post-launch content & no microtransactions

In a Reddit AMA, Wild Hearts executive producer Lewis Harvey revealed that free post-launch content is in the works, but there are no plans for microtransactions.

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Wild Hearts is set to bring an alternative monster hunting experience from, well… Monster Hunter, by way of Koei Tecmo and Electronic Arts this month. That said, monster hunting isn’t the only model Koei Tecmo is borrowing from Capcom’s famous franchise. Lead devs on the game also claimed that there’s free post-launch content in the works and there are no plans for microtransactions in Wild Hearts at this time.

These details were confirmed by Wild Hearts executive producer Lewis Harvey in a recently hosted Reddit AMA. During said AMA, Harvey was asked what the plans were for in-game monetization. Harvey answered that very little monetization was planned at this time.

“All post-launch contents will be free, including new Kemono and more,” Harvey answered. “We don’t have any plans to feature microtransactions.”

Wild Hearts screenshot of a Kemono monster
According to Wild Hearts devs, the game won't charge players for post-launch Kemono and content.
Source: Electronic Arts

This should come as a delight to folks who were looking to check out Wild Hearts when it comes out this February. The game is a collaboration between the developers at Koei Tecmo and Electronic Arts as one of its EA Originals indie-styled label. Similar to Monster Hunter, players will hunt down large creatures, this time known as Kemono, and bring them down with the use of magical tools known as Karakuri which can be used as traps, weapons, and other utilitarian gear during the hunt.

Also similar to Monster Hunter, which generally doesn’t charge for content updates outside cosmetics and major expansions, Wild Hearts post-launch content will apparently be free. With the game coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC this February 2023.

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