OpenAI launches ChatGPT Plus subscription with numerous benefits

The AI program will remain free while those on a waitlist will be able to pay for faster response times and more.


With ChatGPT garnering more attention and use, the team at OpenAI has opened up a revenue stream to help keep the platform free. ChatGPT Plus will allow people on a wishlist the opportunity to pay for faster responses, use during peak time, and more.

OpenAI announced on February 1, 2023 that it is rolling out ChatGPT Plus, a premium subscription service, for those on the waitlist. Users that had signed up in the United States will have the opportunity to pay $20 USD a month for the premium version that will offer a host of benefits not found in the free product.

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Source: OpenAI

The premium subscription tier will offer general access to ChatGPT even during peak times where there is an influx of users. There will also be faster response times and priority access to new features and improvements. This should be an appealing option for those high-end users that have been experimenting with the current level of ChatGPT and wish to see it continue to evolve.

The post does note that the team will continue to offer free access to ChatGPT. It goes on to say the subscription model will allow OpenAI to continue to support the free access to the AI chat program for more people.

Previously, Microsoft announced it would be making a “multi-billion dollar investment” into the team behind ChatGPT. This investment will see Microsoft taking another step toward its goal of an AI supercomputer based on Azure. Meanwhile, CEO Satya Nadella reaffirms Microsoft’s position as a powerhouse behind AI, claiming that “the age of AI us upon us.”

With users now able to support the advancement of OpenAI’s work through ChatGPT, we could see the AI program pass more than just a Master of Business Administration exam. Let us know in the comments what you think of ChatGPT and the progress of AI. Do you suspect we’re closing in on the singularity?

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