How to play Battle Mode with friends - Marvel Snap

Here's how you can play against your friends in Marvel Snap's Battle Mode.


Battle Mode is now out for Marvel Snap, allowing friends to face off against each other in an exhibition style series of matches. If you’re struggling to figure out how to play Battle Mode, I’ve got you covered.

How to play Battle Mode

An image showing the Battle Mode button on the main screen for Marvel Snap
The Battle Mode icon is a joystick located on the right side of the Main button on the bottom menu.
Source: Nuverse

When you launch Marvel Snap you’ll find a new icon in the bottom menu of the app. Look for the joystick icon just to the right of the Main button. If you press that, you’ll be given the option to begin a Friendly Battle by tapping or clicking on the large icon in the middle of your screen. From there, you can choose to either Create or Join a match. If a friend has sent you a code, choose the Join option, if you’d rather send a friend an invite, choose the Create option. If you’re creating a match, copy the code to your clipboard and send it to your friend, or if they’ve sent you a code, enter it into the box provided. Once you’ve done that you can press the Join option to get the series of matches started.

Each player in Battle Mode is given 10 cubes. If you lose a match, you’ll lose the number of cubes posted at the top when the match ends. If you and your friend both snap, someone is losing eight cubes. If neither of you ever snap, someone will lose two cubes per match until one player is out. The winner of the series of matches that make up a Friend Battle is the person who still has cubes left when it’s all said and done.

Here are the steps to play a friend in Battle Mode in Marvel Snap:

  • Click the joystick icon on the bottom menu
  • Tap or click the large Friendly Battle icon
  • Choose to Create or Join a match
  • Copy and send or enter the invite code
  • Choose the Join option to be connected

Joining a friend in Battle Mode in Marvel Snap is simple, and this feature alleviates one of the issues with the game. Previously, there was no way to test out new decks and try new things without risking your season rank. Now, you can test out your wild and whacky decks against your friends. For more, visit our Marvel Snap topic on Shacknews.

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