Capcom Cup will shift entirely to PC for Last Chance Qualifier & Finals

While the Capcom Cup has mostly been played on PlayStation hardware, the Last Chance Qualifier and Finals of Capcom Cup IX will be on PC.


In the history of the Capcom Cup, the competitions, events, and tournanments have almost always been held on PlayStation hardware. That won’t be the case at the final leg of Capcom Cup IX. The organizers have officially announced that Capcom Cup IX’s Last Chance Qualifier event and Finals will be held on PC, ditching PlayStation for the first time in the event’s history.

The Capcom Cup organizers announced this interesting shift recently via the Capcom Fighters Twitter. As the 2022 Capcom Pro Tour heads for its final events with Capcom Cup IX Last Chance Qualifier on February 12, 2023, and Capcom Cup IX Finals on February 14, 2023, both in Hollywood, California, at the historic AVALON Hollywood nightclub. However, the bigger news is the shift in hardware. For the first time in the event’s history, the finals will be played on PC, as shared in the Capcom Fighters statement.

“Attention to all Capcom Cup players and LCQ participants. In the interest of full transparency, all matches will be played on PC with the display set at 144 Hz. Best of luck to all participants and we look forward to seeing you in February.”

Capcom Cup IX statement on the move to PC.
Capcom Cup IX's Finals and Last Chance Qualifier will be played on PC hardware, which is a first for the event.
Source: Twitter

This marks a major shift for Capcom Cup, which has almost always been played on PlayStation consoles. However, it’s also a sign of the shift in fighting game platform tastes. PC fighting games have taken on a much bigger role in the FGC than they used to for the sake of offering better technology and versatility to players of all kinds instead of forcing them to use hardware and work within the limitations presented by console play. Even more interesting is that this takes place before the shift to Street Fighter 6. With Capcom Cup IX officially marking the final chapter for Street Fighter 5 in official competition, it’s interesting to see this transition take place ahead of Street Fighter 6’s release.

With Capcom Cup IX now being played on PC and the finals coming up in mid-February, be sure to stay tuned for further announcements, details, results, and coverage, right here at Shacknews.

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