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A walkthrough for Facility in GoldenEye 007, including Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent difficulties.


The second mission in GoldenEye 007 is Facility and follows on immediately from the first. This mission tasks Bond entering the lab, rendezvousing with 006, destroying tanks, and avoiding killing scientists. Below is the location where you can find Dr.Doak, the various difficulties, and everything else you need to know.

Facility walkthrough

Use the links in the table to jump to the section you need. All of the difficulties have roughly the same objectives, except for contacting the double agent. For Secret Agent and 00 Agent, the double agent scientist gives the door decoder, which is the only way to the rendezvous point in the bottling room.

Facility - Difficulty & Objectives
Agent Secret Agent 00 Agent
Gain entry to the laboratory area Gain entry to the laboratory area Gain entry to the laboratory area
Rendezvous with 006 Contact double agent Contact double agent
Destroy all tanks in bottling room Rendezvous with 006 Rendezvous with 006
Minimize scientist casualties Destroy all tanks in bottling room Destroy all tanks in bottling room
Minimize scientist casualties Minimize scientist casualties

Gain entry to the laboratory area

Gaining entry to the laboratory area is quite far into the level. If you’re playing on Secret Agent or 00 Agent, you might have already made contact with the double agent. Regardless, the path to the laboratory area is always the same.

Bond shooting soldiers in the restroom

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Facility starts out with Bond in the ventilation system above the restrooms. Take the left turn and look down into the stall. You’ll be able to eliminate one soldier of the four soldiers in this room before you drop down. Shoot his hat off and then finish him off.

The stairs leading to the security terminal room

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The soldier holding the keycard to the security room

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Clear out the restroom and then exit to find yourself at the top of the stairs. The door at the bottom of the stairs contains a terminal that opens up another security door. However, this first door is locked. The key is being held by a soldier opposite the door. Find him standing by himself in the hallway, staring at a door. Neutralize him and grab the key card he drops.

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Open the door at the bottom of the stairs (the key card will unlock it) and dispatch the soldiers inside. Be careful not to blow up the computer terminal. Look through the window to see another set of doors. The terminal opens up the one on the left.

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Use the terminal, exit the room, and run down the hall and through the security door. Go quickly lest the door shut and you need to hit the terminal again. Pass through the next doors, fight down the long hallway (being mindful not to hurt the scientists), and go through the security doors at the end.

The terminal on the left opens the door on the left that leads to the laboratory area.
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The next section has a security room in the center with two terminals. One controls the left door, the other controls the right. Use the terminal to open the left door and run through to complete the first objective.

Contact double agent

Dr Doak the double agent dressed as a scientist

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For those playing on Secret Agent or 00 Agent, Dr Doak is the double agent you must contact. He is disguised to look like a scientist. You’ll recognize him as he’s the only one holding an item and isn’t afraid of you. He also has brown hair and a goatee.

A hallway with three soldiers shooting at Bond
The double agent could be in the rooms on either side of this hallway.
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Unfortunately, Dr Doak can spawn in one of several locations. The first two locations he can spawn are on either side of the long hallway that is unlocked using the first terminal. Check both rooms to see if he is there.

Use the terminal on the right to open the security door leading to an area where Dr Doak might be hiding.
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The next place he’ll be waiting is in the room on the right where the two security terminals are located. Instead of using the left terminal to gain access to the lab, use the right one to access a larger room with a few soldiers and scientists.

Dr Doak standing in a lab among other scientists
Look through the glass to see if you can spot Dr Doak. He'll be holding the door decoder.
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Finally, he may also be in the lab section. This is the area you access as part of the first objective. Look inside each lab to see if he’s in there. You can just peer through the glass.

When you’ve finally found Dr Doak, he’ll give you the door decoder. The door to the bottling room is locked on Secret Agent and 00 Agent.

Rendezvous with 006

The Door Decoder in the inventory screen
Equip the Door Decoder via the watch screen. Use the "shoot" input on the locked door leading to the bottling room to unlock it.
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The rendezvous point with 006 is inside the bottling room. This is at the end of the laboratory section. If you’re playing on Secret Agent or 00 Agent, get to the door, open your inventory, and select the Door Decoder. Approach the door and use the “shoot” button to decode the door.

Bond meetings 006 in the bottling room
Walk up to 006 and once he says the "For England" line, the objective will complete.
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Go straight down the stairs and speak with 006 or clear out the two soldiers in the room up the top first. When Alec Trevelyan says “For England – James” the objective will complete.

Destroy all tanks in bottling room

Remote mines on the tanks in the bottling room
Toss the remote mines on the tanks. Space them out so that the explosion hits all of them.
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The tanks in the bottling room exploding

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To destroy the tanks in the bottling room, equip the remote mines and throw them onto the side of the canisters. You’ve only got five, so space them out a bit. When you’re ready, detonate the mines using the detonator. The detonator can be equipped via the watch or by cycling through the weapons.

Minimize scientist casualties

This task will automatically complete at the end of the mission. The only way to can fail this objective is if you kill any of the scientists. On lower difficulties, the game will forgive you for accidentally killing a couple.

With Facility completed, you’ll be looking to escape via the mission, Runway. Stay tuned to Shacknews as we bring you more on GoldenEye 007 now that it’s available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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