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How to complete Dam on Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent in GoldenEye 007.


GoldenEye 007 has returned and has brought new and old players flooding back to tackle the first mission in the game, Dam. As with all missions in the game, the higher the difficulty, the more objectives there are to complete. Below you will find a complete walkthrough for Dam, including information for each of the three difficulty settings: Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent.

Dam walkthrough

The following table includes hyperlinks so you can jump to the necessary section. For those playing on Agent, the guide will walk you through each area, so even though the objectives are not active, it’s worth at least skimming the info.

Dam - Difficulty & Objectives
Agent Secret Agent 00 Agent
Bungee jump from platform Neutralize all alarms Neutralize all alarms
Bungee jump from platform Install covert modem
Intercept data backup
Bungee jump from platform

Install covert modem

The covert modem is a single-use item found in Bond’s inventory. This device must be attached to a computer screen on the outside of the building in the third area where the truck stops after the double gate.

Bond stands at the start of Dam, one soldier is close while a truck drives through a tunnel
Take out any soldiers that get in your way.
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From the start, walk across the bridge and up the guard tower to collect the Sniper Rifle. Dispatch the foes in the tunnel and go through.

While standing in the tunnel, use the sniper to take out the enemies in the bunker in the second area. There are a couple of other foes scattered around, behind the crates and up the tower.

Interact with the panel beside the truck to open the gate. Follow it in and activate the second button to close the previous gate and open the next one.

A building with an alarm and gate, a satellite is on top of the building
The computer is behind the building. Equip the covert modem from the inventory screen and "shoot" it at the screen.
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The building in this new area has an alarm near the gate and the computer on the back. There is an officer in the building and a few soldiers around. Take them out before they can sound the alarm.

The covert modem in the inventory screen

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The covert modem installed on a computer screen

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Go to the back of the building and look for the conduit that leads from the satellite dish down to the computer screen. Open the wrist watch and navigate to the second screen. Scroll down to the covert modem and select it. Close the watch, aim at the monitor, and use the shoot action to throw the modem at the screen.

Neutralize all alarms

There are four alarms to neutralize on Dam. The first is by the covert modem and the last three are in the guard towers along the dam wall. Use your Silenced PP7 to discreetly destroy the alarms. If you see an enemy running for the alarm, take them out so they don’t trip it and alert the other soldiers.

An alarm attached to a building, a satellite is on top of the building
The alarms all look the same: white boxes with a red circle.
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From the covert modem mentioned above, look near the chain-linked fence for the alarm. This is the building where the truck eventually stops.

The second alarm inside a guard tower

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Another alarm inside a guard tower

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To reach the other three alarms, shoot the padlock off the gate to access the rest of the dam. You’ll be able to see the three towers. Go to each one, open the door, and shoot the alarm that’s on the wall. Be careful as each tower has a soldier patrolling the top that will jump down to shoot you.

Intercept data backup

The entrance to the tunnels below the guard tower
Go down the stairs in the first guard tower on the dam wall to find a gate. Open it and go left to reach the server room.
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The data backup you must intercept is found in a computer server room below the guard towers along the dam. Enter the first guard tower and go down the stairs. Open the fence and go left. Fight your way through the tunnel, killing any soldiers you come across. The server room is behind a door with a red arrow.

Bond in the server room with the backup data intercepted objective complete message on-screen
The servers are in the back left corner. Interact with them to start the data backup interception.
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Inside the server room are a bunch of guards who will shoot you on sight. Do not damage or destroy the two server stacks at the back left. If these blow up, the objective will fail. Stay by the door and shoot the soldiers as they run to you.

When it is safe to do so, enter the room, interact with the servers, and a countdown will begin. When the countdown ends, the data backup will be successfully intercepted. All that’s left to do now is bungee jump. Work your way back up to the top of the dam wall.

Bungee jump from platform

The small bungee jump platform in front of the second guard tower
The bungee jump platform is in front of the middle guard tower on the dam wall. Walk up the stairs and off the edge to finish the mission.
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For those playing on Agent, none of the previous objectives are necessary. All you must do is reach the platform where Bond bungee jumps. However, it is worth reading through the above so you know where to go.

The bungee jump platform is found along the dam wall, in front of the second guard tower. Simply walk up the small stairs and off the edge. There is nothing to interact with. You will “fall” down to a vent below and then a cutscene will play showing Bond performing the iconic bungee jump scene.

As far as first missions go, Dam does a great job at highlighting some of the various objectives you will face in GoldenEye 007. Next up is Facility, one of the most iconic missions in the game. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we bring you more from this blast from the past.

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