XCOM director says no plans for the series while he's still working on Midnight Suns DLC

Jake Solomon shared in a recent interview that he has no information about XCOM for the time being while there's still Midnight Suns content in the works.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns was a surprisingly solid take on both the Marvel universe and strategy gaming and it looks like that’s Firaxis Games’ main priority while there’s still DLC to do. In a recent interview regarding the game, director Jake Solomon was asked about the XCOM series, having also directed XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2. However, he said there’s no news to share and there probably won’t be from him while he’s working on Midnight Suns post-launch content.

Solomon shared this answer in a chat with Video Games Chronicle. It was there that was asked about the future of the XCOM franchise. It would seem, however, that there are no plans at this time as far as Solomon is concerned. He’s busy with Midnight Suns DLC and hasn’t heard anything about it.

“I personally have no information on that right now and I say that because, truly, yesterday I was working on Morbius’ abbey outfits and recolours, so I am not working on it. I don’t have any secret agenda, I don’t know anything about XCOM at this point.”

Marvel's Midnight Suns screenshot of Spider-Man, Nico Minoru, and Hunter.
With Deadpool having just come to Marvel's Midnight Suns and three more DLC on the way, any sign of XCOM seems far off at Firaxis Games.
Source: 2K Games

This may come as a disappointment, but probably not a surprise to many XCOM and Firaxis fans. While Solomon and Firaxis’ work on the modern era of mainline XCOM has been arguably awesome, Midnight Suns still has a lot of content on the way before the developers are done with it. We have gotten interesting spinoffs like Chimera Squad, but there’s still a lot of desire for an all-new XCOM title.

Nonetheless, it seems we’ll be waiting a while. We just got Deadpool’s DLC in Midnight Suns and Morbius, Venom, and Storm are still on the way. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is well worthwhile, too, featuring a good blend of strategy and personal interaction with some of Marvel’s most interesting heroes. Stay tuned for more coverage as further details on Midnight Suns content and other Firaxis Games become available.

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