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Fortnite temporarily disables Hurdling after reports of it launching players into the sky

Hurdling in Fortnite is supposed to get you over low objects like fences. Instead, it was throwing players a mile into the air before falling to their deaths.


Fortnite has hit a bit of a snag with a particularly nasty bug this season, and it has to do with what should be a harmless mechanic: Hurdling. Slightly different from Mantling, which allows players to grab ledges and climb up taller objects, Hurdling is supposed to be the option for getting over lower objects like fences and boxes in a hurry, allowing players to quickly jump them and keep going without breaking stride. Instead, when Hurdling, players were finding themselves thrown into the sky before coming down with a splat, prompting Epic Games to disable the mechanic for now.

Fortnite shared word of the disabling of Hurdling via the Fortnite Status Twitter, late on January 12, 2023. According to the announcement, the mechanic will be disabled until the team at Epic Games can figure out a reasonable fix.

“Due to issues, we have temporarily disabled Hurdling,” the tweet reads. “Players are still able to Mantle over taller obstacles. Fixes are coming soon and we'll provide an update when the issues are resolved.”

Fortnite Status tweet announcing the disabling of Hurdling
Fortnite Status announced the disabling of hurdling amid multiple reports of the bug launching players into the sky when using the mechanic.
Source: Twitter

It’s an odd one to be sure, and the disabling of Hurdling in Fortnite only comes after quite a few video clips were posted of the feature failing. We saw at least a handful of videos where players engaged in a Hurdle before skyrocketing into the stratosphere, helplessly watching as gravity in the game took hold and did its work.

There is fall damage in Fortnite, so this bug means almost certain death unless you happen to have a perk from the recent Reality Augment system that allows you to deploy your Glider whenever you want if you’re airborne.

Fortnite has had a few wild bugs in its latest season, but Epic Games is continuing to move forward with it nonetheless. The Fortnite Championship Series is returning in 2023 with a $10 million USD prize pool. As we await word of a fix on Hurdling, stay tuned for more updates and Fortnite news here at Shacknews.

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