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Weekend Discussion - January 15, 2023

As Sunday comes to a close, let's reflect on the past two days with Weekend Discussion.


Hey Shacknews, it's time for Weekend Discussion. Let's officially close out our weekend! Please take a look.

Your daily dose of sudoku

Let's start off this entry of Weekend Discussion with some sudoku. There's nothing I love more on a Sunday than watching Simon work out some devilishly difficult puzzle. Today's puzzle features a mere four circles and three digits.

The relationship between time and gravity

We still barely understand the universe.

No Element Portal puzzles

I love the idea of minimalist Portal puzzles.

Remembering Lost Planet

I really enjoyed the first Lost Planet. The second one kind of lost me there (no pun intended), but I think this is one franchise I'd love to see Capcom to another swing at. While they're at it, Dead Rising as well, please!

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!

This person has had enough of NASA's shenanigans

The "monocle" call sent me.

Take your boosts

Preparation is important. A meal before your meal.

B&B for horses

Food and bedding is taken care of. Easy!

An amazing acceptance speech

Such a great film, too.

Weekend Vibes

What I'm listening to...

Here are some Shacknews articles from this week

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Sam's cat Rad sleeping with his tail over his nose

What are you up to this weekend? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty comment thread below.

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