How to counter Zabu - Marvel Snap

Here are the best ways to counter the Zabu card in Marvel Snap.


Marvel Snap’s Savage Land season introduced players to the fearsome Zabu. This 3-cost, 2-power card has a unique Ongoing ability that reduces the cost of all 4-cost cards in your hands by two energy. It can open the door for some devastating combos, especially in the final two turns of the game. As a new card, Zabu is quite popular among Season Pass owners. If you’re looking for a way to protect your precious cubes, here are some cards that can help counter Zabu.

How to counter Zabu - Marvel Snap

Official artwork of Zabu in Marvel Snap

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Here are some cards that will come in handy should you cross paths with the mighty Zabu on your quest to climb the Marvel Snap ladder.


This one is pretty straight forward. Enchantress has an On Reveal ability that removes the Ongoing ability from every card in that lane. It’s a Series 1 card, so most players should have access to it after spending a short amount of time in Marvel Snap. Just be wary of the fact that Enchantress will remove the abilities of all cards in a lane, including your own. So long as your opponent doesn’t have Cosmo on the board, this is an easy way to shut down those Zabu combos on the last two turns.


Similar to Enchantress, Rogue’s On Reveal ability wipes away an opponents Ongoing ability. However, when Rogue neutralizes an opponents Ongoing ability, she applies it to herself. This means that you’ll actually get to benefit from Zabu’s cost reduction if you happen to be running any 4-cost cards yourself. The only downside is that Rogue will randomly steal the ability from one of the enemy cards at a location. That means that if Zabu isn’t the only enemy card with and Ongoing ability, there is a chance Rogue won’t hit it. Rogue is a Series 3 card, so it’s not an option immediately available to all players.


Sandman is excellent for shutting down decks that aim to play multiple cards to swing the board, including Zabu decks. Sandman’s Ongoing abilities prevents both players from playing more than one card in a turn. This means that even when your opponent has cut the price on their 4-cost cards, they still won’t be able to play more than one at the end of the game. Be aware that this restriction also applies to you. Sandman is another Series 3 card, so it’s not a guarantee that you’ll have access to him.

Those are a few cards that you should strongly consider running if you’ve been struggling to counter Zabu. If you’ve picked up the card for yourself and want some decks to try it out with, we’ve got that for you as well. Stick with Shacknews for the latest news on Marvel Snap.

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