Capcom Cup 9 bids farewell to Street Fighter 5 in February

The latest Capcom Cup competition has an official date and it's one that folks waiting for Street Fighter 6 may want to watch closely.


This year's Capcom Pro Tour is currently underway and now its competitors have an idea of when it will come to a close. On Wednesday, Capcom announced that the end of the competitive Street Fighter season will wrap up with February's Capcom Cup 9. The week-long tournament will mark the end of the road for official Street Fighter 5 competitions, which means that there may be big news about to drop about the much-anticipated Street Fighter 6.

The Capcom Cup will return after a one year absence and Wednesday's trailer makes it clear. The season finale tournament, which will be held at the AVALON Hollywood & Bardot in Los Angeles, is the end for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. One final champion will be crowned at the end of a full week of competition. The Last Chance Qualifiers will take place from February 12-13, while the Group Stage Elimination round will run from February 14-16. The final brackets will play out from February 17-19 and one competitor will be left standing. Those in the Los Angeles area who would like to attend can purchase tickets now from Eventbrite.

Capcom Cup tournaments have not only been home to intense esports action, they have also been the site for several of the Street Fighter series' biggest announcements. With the upcoming Capcom Cup 9 coming awfully close to the estimated Spring 2023 release window for Street Fighter 6, even someone like Zangief could put two and two together and guess that an arrival date announcement could come minutes after the Grand Finals' conclusion.

We're going to be watching the next Capcom Cup for many reasons, whether it's because we love competitive Street Fighter or because we're excited to potentially see what's next for Street Fighter 6. If you're among those who love competitive gaming, be sure to catch our coverage of the Street Fighter season and anything else esports every Monday on the Wide World of Electronic Sports.

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