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Super Impulse talks making minis and partnerships like Sonic & Bob Ross

Super Impulse principal Alan Dorfman spoke to developing partnerships and the myriad miniatures the company is making with them.


Super Impulse is a group that specializes in creating miniatures for a variety of uses utilizing a massive array of established brands. The group has a vast webpage of options and plenty of new stuff is still on the way. What kind? Well, we got to speak to Super Impulse lead and principal Alan Dorfman about that very question, as well as many others about the company’s partnerships and what’s next.

One notable thing about Super Impulse has been its work with partnerships from Barbie for miniature dolls, houses, and accessories, to Konami and tiny operating Dance Dance Revolution machines. With that in mind, we asked Dorfman about how those partnerships come into being. Dorfman claims that early on it was about establishing the quality of the company’s work. Once those first products were done with satisfaction, further doors opened up and Super Impulse was more easily able to speak with larger brands about partnerships and products.

One of the latest collaborations that buildup of quality and partnerships has led up to is one with Hasbro and the Mr. Potato Head line called POPTATERS. With this line, Super Impulse is producing a number of co-branded Potato Heads themed on such franchises as Gene Simmons from KISS, the late painter Bob Ross, and even Sonic the Hedgehog. Another recent project has been Minis-In-Minis Sugar Buzz, in which Super Impulse is creating miniature non-edible candy recreations of popular brands like Mike and Ike, Pez, Dum-Dums, and so much more. You can learn about what's new or peruse the whole catalog on the Super Impulse website.

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