Postal 3 removed from sale on Steam due to DRM issues, original devs rejoice

Running with Scissors was happy to announce Postal 3 can no longer be bought on Steam.


The Postal series has long been one of questionable quality, but even among the franchise, Postal 3 is considered the worst of the worst, and now it’s literally unbuyable on Steam thanks to DRM issues that have essentially made that version unplayable. Main postal developer (but not the dev of Postal 3) Running with Scissors was happy to share the game’s sudden unavailability and the reason for it.

The removal of Postal 3 from Steam was shared via the Running with Scissors Twitter on November 20, 2022. According to the devs, Postal 3 was removed from sale on Steam because of reasons directly related to DRM in the game. Players had to interact with a server to play the game no matter what and apparently that server has recently gone down, so authorization to play the Steam version of Postal 3 is literally impossible at the moment.

Running with Scissors statement on Steam's removal of Postal 3.
There is no love lost from Running with Scissors on Postal 3 being delisted from sale on Steam.
Source: Twitter

Postal 3 is the one game in the series not developed by Running with Scissors. While much of the Postal series is already considered to be subpar shock material (even Postal 4 didn’t escape this fate), Postal 3 was considered by many to be particularly egregious. It wasn’t just the DRM that made a mess of things. Postal 3 was also a terribly glitchy collection of poorly designed corridors, enemies with atrocious AI, and a tendency to crash. As Running with Scissors put it, Postal 3 had an “overall sh**tiness” that could not be missed.

With the game’s removal from Steam altogether, it marks an odd victory for Running with Scissors, which has carried on with Postal 4 and Postal: Brain Damaged. If for some reason you still want to play Postal 3, Running with Scissors only has one suggestion: Pirate the game.

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