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How to unlock & beat the Secret Kettle mission - Splatoon 3

Learn how to unlock the Secret Kettle mission in Splatoon 3 and how to beat the four challenges within.


Splatoon 3 has a Secret Kettle mission for players to unlock. This mission requires a lot of work to even access, let alone beat, but it’ll be worth it for the rewards.

How to unlock the Secret Kettle mission

The Secret Kettle mission is unlocked by completing all missions in the campaign of Splatoon 3 and spending 333 Power Eggs to access the secret level.

The location of the Secret Kettle mission in Splatoon 3
Check Site 1 to find the Secret Kettle mission.
Source: BlazeShotU

Ensure that you complete every single mission in The Crater, the Alterna Space Center, and the six sites. You do not have to complete each mission with each weapon. Once all the levels are completed, the following message will appear on-screen,"A secret kettle appeared! See where it takes you…"

The Secret Kettle mission is at Site 1 and requires 333 Power Eggs. Find it near the Squid Sisters Camp. Once you have access, there are four levels to complete within this new area.

How to beat the Secret Kettle mission

There are four different levels in the Secret Kettle mission. These levels will test your Splatoon 3 skills in both combat and movement. The levels are an obstacle course, rail grinding and shooting targets, another obstacle course using disappearing soaker blocks, and finally a wave defence fight. Check out the following video for a look at how to beat it.

Secret Kettle mission rewards

The headgear reward for completing the Secret Kettle mission
The Alternan and World Champ title will be yours for completing the Secret Kettle mission as will the Teddy Band.
Source: BlazeShotU

There are a few rewards for beating the Secret Kettle mission. Firstly, you will get a new title: Alternan and World Champ. The second reward is the Teddy Band heargear. This headgear has the Comeback ability which boosts some of your abilities for a short time after respawning. Take a look at our guide on all abilities and effects in Splatoon 3.

Now that you’ve got a clear path to unlocking the Secret Kettle mission and an idea of what lies ahead, all you need to do now is fully complete Splatoon 3’s singleplayer. Take some time reading over our Splatoon 3 page for more information on this smash-hit game.

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