A Scar is Born Treasure Map location & solution - God of War Ragnarok

The location of the Scar is Born Treasure Map and where to find the Buried Treasure in God of War Ragnarok.


The Treasure Map, A Scar is Born, is one players will find on their journey throughout Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok. This map can be a bit troublesome to collect and solve, as it requires doing a bit of legwork around the realm.

A Scar is Born Treasure Map location

The map of God of War Ragnarok showing the location of the A Scar is Born treasure map
The Treasure Map for A Scar is Born is in The Plains in Vanaheim. This is only accessible after completing, Return of the River.
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Before you can dig up the treasure, you must first find the Scar is Born Treasure Map. This map can only be acquired after completing the Favor, Return of the River. This Favor is in the Jungles of Vanaheim, a sub-area in The Crater. The map is on a small island in the Plains where a Yggdrasil Rift is found.

This small island can be reached by canoe from any of the boat docks. Find it south of the lightning bolt, toward the building that leads to the Jungle.

A Scar is Born – Buried Treasure location

The Buried Treasure location for A Scar is Born
Find the buried treasure south of the blacksmith, under the large structure.
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Once you have the Scar is Born Treasure Map in your inventory, you will be able to see where on the map the Buried Treasure is located. The Scar is Born treasure is found in the Plains in Alfheim. It is just northeast of the first mystic gateway, below the huge structure that leads to the Sinkholes.

The glowing light showing the Scar is Born buried treasure
Look for the treasure south of the blacksmith.
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An alternative route to the treasure is to start at the gateway near the blacksmith and go south. You’ll need to drop down a ledge to get inside the structure. Look for the twinkling light on the ground. Interact with it to acquire the following resources:

  • Petrified Bone x4
  • Luminous Alloy x4
  • Asgardian Ingot x4
  • Shattered Rune x75
  • Asgard’s Justice Amulet Enchantment

Remember to stop by the blacksmith so you can upgrade your gear using these resources. Check out our God of War Ragnarok page for more help with the other Treasure Maps.

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