Destiny 2 to get new competitive ranking system & other Crucible changes

A new map will also be added during the year of Lightfall along with two returning maps.


There are a lot of changes coming to Destiny 2’s PVP activities in the coming seasons. From new matchmaking techniques and a reorganization of playlists to weapon focusing, a new Seal, and a new ranking system, Crucible players are in for a treat in Season 19, Season 20, and beyond.

In the November 17, 2022 TWAB, Bungie went into exhausted detail about upcoming improvements and changes to various aspects of Destiny 2’s PVP. Crucible, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner will all have some differences ranging from small tweaks to major overhauls. Here’s a quick look at what’s on offer:

  • Control and Clash will be available in a single playlist
  • Less played modes to enter weekly rotators
  • A new Crucible Seal
  • Engram focusing at Lord Shaxx
  • Iron Banner gets new Fortress mode
  • Matchmaking parameters updated between skill, connection and team size – starting with Quickplay. Fireteam-based matchmaking is coming, along with improvements to high-end players’ match connections
  • New matchmaking techniques to be tested in Trials
  • A new map is being added during the year of Lightfall, two vaulted maps are returning
  • Crucible is getting a Competitive Division ranking system replete with icons
  • The Rose Hand Cannon returns
destiny 2 the rose hand cannon returns

Source: Bungie

In Season 19, the Crucible will receive its first facelift. The Quickplay 6v6 playlist will feature Clash and Control and will have loose skill-based matchmaking. There will also be a weekly rotator of a 6v6 or free-for-all mode alternating between the other modes: Momentum Control, Mayhem, Rumble, etc. This will use the old connection-based matchmaking.

Next season will also see the introduction of the Competitive Division and removal of the old Glory system. Competitive Division is a ranked, 3v3 playlist that includes Survival, Rift, and Showdown. As players win, they will move up the seven Divisions, each with three subdivisions:

  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Adept
  • Ascendant

Anyone who has played any other competitive mode in any other shooter will be familiar with how this new system works. Before getting a rank, players will need to play a series of placement matches to find their starting point. From here, wins and performance will dictate moving between the subdivisions and the major divisions. In order to move up between the major divisions, a player must win two out of three promotional games. If you lose games and are threatened with a derank, you must win two out of three relegation games to remain in your division.

destiny 2 competitive division ranks

Source: Bungie

Bungie notes that there will be no rewards tied to divisions as it would mean some players are quite literally unable to acquire them. However, each Competitive Division rank comes with a Crucible reputation multiplier. The higher your level, the faster you’ll level up your Crucible rank, which means more rewards will be pouring in.

More information will be supplied at a later date for the Competitive Division, but it sounds like a promising breath of fresh air for Crucible, which has been stagnant for some time now.

Among the other additions coming to the game, players will be able to earn a new Seal and Title: Glorious. The Triumphs associated with this Seal include completing matches, promotional series games, level up your Crucible rank, and reach the Platinum Division. This Seal is certainly not going to be for everyone.

Lord Shaxx will be the latest vendor capable of focusing Engrams. During the launch of a season, new weapons will only be available as a drop and will then be available for focusing in later seasons. Players will be able to focus Shaxx’s Engrams directly from the ranked bar without having to clear Engram space, claim the Engram, and then focus them.

iron banner armor from the taken king

Source: Bungie

As for Iron Banner, a new mode called Fortress is arriving in Season 19. While not much information is supplied, it looks as though Caiatl will be lending a hand with some PVE elements like Scorpius turrets as players look to control zones. Veteran players can also expect to get their hands on some of the best Iron Banner armor the game has seen. This set comes directly from the Taken Kind era of Destiny 1.

The TWAB goes on to explain the new matchmaking techniques coming to the game. This is quite a comprehensive section, so I recommend you check it out directly to learn more. The short of it is that Bungie will introduce a Fireteam-Based Matchmaking whereby your Fireteam size should match that of your opponent. The team has an additional improvement to the SBMM called Dynamic Skill Ranges. For those players that fall into the higher tier skill levels, the game will expand the skill window to allow for more players when the population is low, resulting in better connections.

There is a lot of good coming to Destiny 2’s Crucible scene in Season 19 and Season 20. This should hopefully give Crucible fans something to enjoy after the long content draught. Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 strategy guide as we keep you updated on the changes.

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