Gunbrella devs talk about the game's namesake weapon and steampunk world

The team at Doinksoft open up about what it's like being an indie developer and discuss inspirations.


It’s always illuminating speaking with indie game developers. The process of developing a game with a small team poses countless challenges as well as various freedoms. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with a couple of developers from Doinksoft about Gunbrella and what goes into creating a game.

Shacknews got to chat with Cullen Dwyer and Joseph Bourgeois of Doinksoft about Gunbrella, the company’s latest title. Gunbrella is sort of steampunk infused with noir elements and action-punk vibes. Players parkor through the world, laying waste to foes using the game’s titular Gunbrella.

How the team arrived at the western-like setting was quite simple. Britt Brady, the team’s pixel artist and sound designer, wanted to create some steampunk-esque characters and so the team took the idea and ran with it. “It looks like steampunk but it’s not exactly and it looks like a Metroid game but it’s not exactly,” Joseph said. “It’s somewhere in the middle of everything.”

In terms of interacting with the environment, players wield the Gunbrella, allowing them to block damage, shoot enemies, and seemingly use the blast to increase jump height. But it’s more than just your weapon; it is also the driving factor in the story. The main protagonist’s wife was murdered and their child kidnapped, and the only clue left at the scene of the crime is the Gunbrella.

Gunbrella is set to release in 2023 on Steam and Nintendo Switch. While there are currently no plans to release on other platforms, the team doesn’t sound like they’re against the idea. For more developer interviews, check out the GamerHubTV YouTube channel and the Shacknews YouTube channel for exclusive gameplay.

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