Win prizes in the first World of Warships Treasure Hunt

Embark on the first World of Warships Treasure Hunt for a chance to win in-game and physical prizes.


World of Warships is usually about naval warfare and large-scale battles on the high seas. However, things are about to take a different turn. Captains from US and Canada are about to embark on a journey unlike any other, as they take part in the first World of Warships Treasure Hunt. If they're fortunate enough, they'll not only find loot in the game, but also win attractive prizes such as PCs, consoles, iPads, cash, and partner vouchers.

The first World of Warships Treasure Hunt will take place over a period of four weeks, starting today and wrapping up on Tuesday, December 13. The objective is simple: complete daily and weekly tasks in order to earn Treasure Tokens.

The Daily Task is simply to invite a new player to World of Warships through the Recruiting Station and have them play at least one battle aboard a Tier VI ship. This task will reward 3x Treasure Tokens and can be completed an unlimited number of times. Weekly Tasks will be a little more random and will appear in batches of three. These will be available to complete through the end of the Treasure Hunt and will award 1x Treasure Token each.

To get started, visit the dedicated Treasure Hunt webpage and click the "Start Hunt" button. At that point, start completing those daily and weekly tasks. Any Treasure Tokens earned will be tallied on the Treasure Hunt page. Once you're ready, click on the holographic anchor on the Treasure Hunt page in order to exchange your Tokens for rewards. These rewards include in-game premium ships, like the Ägir, Tone, Atlanta, and Béarn, as well as Doubloon packages (250, 500, 1500, 3000, and 10,000), 2000 Coal, 20,000 Elite XP, 5,000 Free XP, or 500,000 Credits. Players can also earn extra days for their Warships Premium Account, valued at 1, 3, 7, and 30 days.

Rare Bonus containers may also have drops valued at +2,400% Free XP, +800% Commander XP, +800% XP, or +160% Credits. They may contain the Kuma, Wyoming, Gangut, or Kaiser researchable ships. Or, they may have +300% Free XP, +100% Commander XP, +100% XP, or +20% Credits. Rare Bonus containers may contain more than one prize.

You may even receive a gift from one of Wargaming's partners. These include subscriptions to Windscribe, $4 or $20 gift cards to Gamivo, Cooler Master headphones, or posters from Displate.

On top of that, 1 month of free Discord Nitro is available for every first-time Nitro subscriber who successfully complete their first Treasure Hunt task. The offer is valid exclusively for new Nitro subscribers and those who have not redeemed a prior promotional offer.

You can also use six Treasure Tokens to make up one Treasure Pass. Hand in Treasure Passes to enter a special giveaway for physical prizes. The more Treasure Passes you earn, the better chance you'll have to win. The big prizes include an OMEN 40L Gaming Desktop GT21-0350st, a Custom HP laptop with an HP 3-year Protection Plan, a Playstation 5, an Xbox Series X, a Steam Deck, an Oculus Quest, an iPad, an HP Monitor, HyperX solocast Microphones, HyperX Alloy Origin 60 keyboards, a HyperX Armada 27 QHD Gaming Monitor, and a Gaming Chair. The giveaway will take place on Wednesday, December 14 live from the World of Warships Twitch channel, one day after the end of the Treasure Hunt.

The World of Warships Treasure Hunt is open to all players in the United States and Canada. (Players in New York, Florida, and the province of Quebec are not eligible to receive cash or physical prizes.) For more on the Treasure Hunt or to play World of Warships for free, visit

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