Splatoon x Pokemon Splatfest winner - Splatoon 3

The Splatoon x Pokemon crossover Splatfest event has come to a close with Grass, Fire, and Water fighting to be the winner. Come and see the results!


The Spatoon x Pokmone winner has been revealed in Splatoon 3. This special crossover event saw players choose between Grass, Fire, and Water and then battle it out over the weekend. With four places to earn points, there’s plenty of room for teams to make up any lost ground.

Grass, Fire, and Water: Splatoon x Pokemon Splatfest results

Water wins the Splatoon x Pokemon Splatfest with 45p against zero points for both Grass and Fire
Water secured all 45 points, claiming victory in the Splatoon x Pokemon Splatfest.
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The winner of the Splatoon x Pokemon Splatfest is Water. The event offered players a choice between three teams, Grass, Fire, and Water, and was split into four distinct areas where points could be earned, Conch Shells, Votes, Open games, and Pro games. The following table shows the percentage breakdown of each category and the points earned. Water absolutely dominated the Splatoon x Pokemon Splatfest, winning every single category and walking away with all 45 points.

Spatoon x Pokemon Splatfest results
Grass Fire Water
Conch Shells 33.71% 32.52% 33.77% (10p)
Votes 25.80% 33.60% 40.60% (10p)
Open 33.41% 32.75% 33.84% (15p)
Pro 33.59% 30.55% 35.86% (10p)
Total points 0 0 45p

For the Conch Shell category, Water beat Grass by a mere 0.06 of a percent while Fire was further behind. This was by far the closest category out of them all.

In the Vote category, Water had a 7 percent lead over second place, which was Fire. Grass was the least popular, securing just over a quarter of the votes.

For the Open games, Water won by 0.43 of a percent, which is again extremely close, but not as close as the Conch Shell category. Grass came in second with Fire trailing behind.

The Pro games saw Water win by 2.27 percent. Grass came in second here as well, a surprising fact given the team secured the least number of votes. Fire, again, came in third position.

The Splatoon x Pokemon event is the second Splatfest that come to the game since launch, with the first focusing on what players would bring to a deserted island. We’ll be sure to let you know when the next Splatfest is scheduled so you don’t miss out on the fun. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to farm up some ability chunks and earn some Super Sea Snails! Stop by our Splatoon 3 page for more news and guides.

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