How to do a Spartan Kick - God of War Ragnarok

Start kicking messengers into wells with Kratos' Spartan Kick in God of War Ragnarok.


The combat in God of War Ragnarok is as meaty as ever, but there’s one move that will send a strong message: the Spartan Kick. Unfortunately, it’s not immediately clear how to perform this ability.

How to do a Spartan Kick

To do a Spartan Kick in God of War Ragnarok you must have no weapons in your hands and then press the strong attack button. This is R2 on PlayStation controllers. To put your weapon away, either press D-pad down once or twice. Alternatively, throw your Leviathan axe but do not recall it. Basically: press R2 when empty-handed.

Kratos does a Spartan Kick
The Spartan Kick can only be performed when no weapon is in your hand.
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The reason why you might be wondering about how to do a Spartan Kick is likely due to the Labors. The For Sparta Labor from Ratatasks: Arrogant asks players to do up to 75 Spartan Kicks in order to earn XP. Unfortunately, this move isn’t listed in the controls or in the combat section in the Lessons.

The Favor, For Sparta, asking players to do Spartan Kicks
The Favor, For Sparta, offers XP for doing Spartan Kicks.
Source: Shacknews

While it is a small move that doesn’t deal a lot of damage, it can be useful to give Kratos some breathing room in combat. It will push enemies away and even cause them to fall off ledges – a valuable skill when it comes to the Muspelheim Crucible.

With your Spartan Kick ready and your hamstrings primed, go ahead and start kicking enemies. Do enough of them and you’ll have the For Sparta Labor finished in no time. Stop by the Shacknews God of War Ragnarok page for more guides, including information on all the artifacts, Nornir chests, and Odin’s ravens.

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