How to get XP - God of War Ragnarok

Unlock new skills and upgrade your abilities by getting more XP in God of War Ragnarok.


In order to upgrade Kratos and Atreus’ skills, players will need to get a whole lot of XP. The good news is that God of War Ragnarok has made it easy to have XP pouring in, the game will reward you for doing just about everything!

How to earn more XP

Whether you're upgrading your gear or unlocking new skills for Kratos, you'll eventually need to start farming XP. Thankfully, there are dozens of ways to get more XP and all of them grant several hundred points’ worth of the stuff.

To begin with, familiarize yourself with the Favors and Labors. Favors are the game’s side quests, tasking Kratos with helping the denizens of the nine realms. These include defeating Odin’s ravens, closing Draugr Holes, shutting down mining rigs in Svartalfheim for Mimir, as well as a host of other loose ends. Each of these rewards several thousand XP.

The Labors screen in God of War Ragnarok showing XP values for a reward
The Labors and Favors will reward a chunk of XP at each tier. Some will reward more than others.
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Then there are Labors, which are God of War Ragnarok’s accolades or challenges. These are stat trackers that reward you for every set amount of enemies defeated, Spartan Kicks performed, parries made, or Nornir chests opened. Look at which ones you are close to completing and focus on those for a while.

You will also get XP for defeating a group of enemies and ticking off tasks in a realm. For this reason, it’s important to explore each region thoroughly. You’ll find tasks not listed in the Labors or Favors that reward unique resources and XP.

As for what you will be spending XP on, it can be used to unlock skills for Kratos, add mod tokens to specific skills, and upgrade Runic attacks, Spartan Rage, and Relics. It can be quite expensive to upgrade these last few items.

Now that you know what you should be doing to get more XP in God of War Ragnarok, you can focus on using some new skills and moves. Be sure to knock out those Favors and Labors for a significant bump too. We’ve got more guides to help you find every item over on our God of War Ragnarok page.

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