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Modern Warfare 2 settles confusing Vault Edition situation with Double XP

Meanwhile, Modern Warfare 2 has played out its first billion matches faster than any other game in franchise history.


There appears to have been a big mixup in regards to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Vault Edition. In fact, the situation has gotten so tangled that Activision is throwing up its hands up and will simply give out Double XP tokens to anybody who owns that specific version of the game. That even applies to anybody who picks up the Vault Edition in the future.

Call of Duty Twitter's message to MW2 Vault Edition owners

Source: @CallofDuty

The announcement came through the Call of Duty Twitter account (via IGN). The kerfuffle stems from a 20-hour XP token reward that was supposed to come with the Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition. Activision specified that this would only be available to anybody who purchased the Vault Edition through the in-game shops of previous Call of Duty titles. That has understandably led to frustration among those who picked up the Vault Edition through other channels and found that they were missing those 20 hours' worth of XP tokens.

The Modern Warfare 2 Vault Edition features a Modern Warfare 2 cross-gen bundle, the Red Team 141 Operator Pack, the FJX Cinder weapon vault, a Battle Pass season, and 50 tier skips. Really, at that point, why not toss in some XP tokens. Given that the whole thing is valued at an additional $30 on top of the standard retail price, it hardly makes a dent on the game's bottom line. If anything, it would probably keep those players in the game longer.

Of course, it's not that Modern Warfare 2 needs any help bringing in players. On Monday, the Call of Duty Twitter acknowledged that one billion matches have been played in the first ten days. That makes Modern Warfare 2 the fastest game in Call of Duty franchise history to cross that milestone.

There's much more coming to Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty as a whole in the months ahead. In fact, Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, November 16. Keep it on Shacknews as we continue watching what comes out of Activision's big money franchise.

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