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Sonic Frontiers writer discusses the move from comics to video games

Ian Flynn is recognized as the main writer behind Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics, but he recently spoke with Shacknews about helping write the story to Sonic Frontiers.


Sonic the Hedgehog is on top of the gaming world right now. Sega's on the verge of releasing a new game starring its beloved mascot, but Sonic has also been running all over movies and television in recent years. Beyond a pair of theatrical releases and an incoming Netflix series, Sonic has also had success in comic books. To learn more about the Sonic Frontiers comic, in particular, Shacknews recently spoke with writer Ian Flynn.

"[Writing is] easy enough if you just narrow-band focus on what is the story within the games," Flynn told Shacknews. "That's the foundation from which all other media springs from and it allows you to say, 'This happened in the games. You don't have to worry about some of the other stuff that has come about in the many, many years of Sonic media.' Even still, that's like 20-plus games of story to go through and I'm thankful I've been able to make a career out of being a walking Wiki of that kind of thing. And, I get to apply it here, so that's nice."

Flynn has been a writer for Archie's Sonic comics for years, dating all the way back to issue #160 through the series' eventual cancelation at issue #290. His years of work on the Sonic comics made him a natural for Sonic Frontiers, where he got a chance to work as one of the story's writers. Thus far, it is a story unlike any other Sonic game in the franchise, taking the blue hedgehog into an entirely new world, separated from his allies and pursued by a mysterious force.

It won't be long before players get to experience the latest Sonic adventure. Sonic Frontiers is set to release on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on November 8.

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