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Omnioculus is a powerful Exotic for Nightstalker Hunters in PVE and a top tier armor piece for endgame content.


Omnioculus is an Exotic chest piece geared toward the Hunter Void subclass, Nightstalker. It pushes the class to another level when it comes to endgame content not only for the Hunter equipping it but the whole Fireteam as well. Because it grants a second melee ability charge and it enhances the wearer and team's damage resistance by 50 percent after being turned invisible, it is easily a must-have for Hunters aiming to tackle Destiny 2’s toughest challenges.

Omniculus’s Exotic Perk: Beyond the Veil

Omnioculus Hunter Exotic chest piece in Destiny 2 showing its intrinsic Exotic perk, Beyond the Veil

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The Exotic perk on the Omnioculus is named Beyond the Veil and has individual and team benefits.

  • Beyond the Veil - You gain a second Smoke Bomb charge and have damage resistance while invisible. When you make an ally invisible, they gain damage resistance while invisible and you gain melee energy.

One bonus not listed here is that when you turn your Fireteam members invisible, Omnioculus will refund melee ability energy. For example, if you cause all of your Fireteam to turn invisible, you will receive the ability charge back in full.

The damage resistance provided is 50 percent in PVE and a scaling figure in PVP as follows:

  • Resist x1 2.5 percent
  • Resist x2 5 percent
  • Resist x3 7.5 percent
  • Resist x4 10 percent

Note: PVP figures were changed as part of update Details found here in a This Week at Bungie article.

When to use Omnioculus

Omnioculus shines in endgame PVE content and it should always be a consideration when building a team to take on Destiny 2’s toughest challenges. Grandmasters Nightfalls in particular have been a main source of Omnioculus usage for Hunters looking to be at their best. Strategies that have proven effective include using a Hunter ability to turn your team invisible before taking on tankier enemies, using the invisibility to take up better positions, or even to get the team out of a sticky situation. For example, if one of your Fireteam gets taken out, you can use invisibility or even make your teammate invisible to safely sneak up and revive them.

The damage resistance can be essential in deciding the outcome of battles in the endgame as this stacks with Resilience armor stats so that can be a 40 percent damage reduction from 100 Resilience and your Omnioculus resistance on top. This also applies to your Fireteam when you make them invisible.

The damage resistance also works when turning invisible by any means using the Hunters toolkit. Each of the Hunter’s class Aspects such as Trapper’s Ambush, Stylish Executioner and Vanishing Step all provide the required moves to turn invisible, giving Omnioculus a varied approach with aggressive and passive playstyles. The Exotic perk also works with weapons such as Rat King and Heartshadow.

Strong ability combinations to pair this with on your Void subclass are Gambler’s Dodge, Snare Bomb and Vortex Grenade. For Aspects, consider Trapper’s Ambush and Vanishing step paired with Fragments Echo of Persistence, Echo of Remnants, and Echo of Obscurity to get the most out of your invisibility build. For any Elemental Well builds, it is best to consider working around your grenades. This is due to the melee ability being mainly used for defensive use rather than offensive and the Vortex Grenade being particularly potent with taking on groups of enemies. Font of Wisdom is a strong Elemental Well mod to choose here as that will increase Super regeneration, softening the blow for any lost Intellect points when building toward Resilience or Discipline.

How to get Omnioculus

The main source to get this Exotic is by farming Legend or Master Lost Sectors when the daily rotation is for a chest piece. To find out what day it is available, check out Shacknews Lost Sector rotation guide.

It can also be found as a random engram drop from defeating enemies, completing Powerful or Pinnacle challenges or sold by the Agent of the Nine, Xur.

Omnioculus Lore

Crash Site, Nessus Terrae, Day Five


Cabal search parties were thick—there was something decent on that frigate, and that meant it was worth keeping out of their hands.

Had to go clear twice to skirt the bigger groups. Nothing cowardly about it, just couldn't risk the noise of a firefight and didn't want 'em to know how close they were. Forced to shadow one of the big Chieftains for a while. Couldn't stand being close to it like that, even in the mountain air.

Finally found the frigate. Thing had spread itself across a gully, out of eyesight from most recon teams. Of course, my eyes are better than most.

Figured the cargo should have survived a low-atmo crash like that intact. Found two big crates of Cabal gold. Some statues, plates, gongs, that kind of thing. Transmatted the valuables out of there and left the rest for the rain.

Started feeling pretty good when something startled the hell out of me: a voice. Weak and quiet—the kind of quiet you get toward the very end.

Cracked into the wreckage and found a big Cabal warrior pinned in a hallway. Dropped it with no issue. Found a Lightbearer prisoner stuck the next room over—banged up, dehydrated, but alive.

Lightbearer seemed traumatized, but it was nothing personal. Gun butt to the temple quieted him right down. Tossed him on the back of my Sparrow and dropped him off at a recon station before he woke up. Outpost wasn't expecting survivors, so they needed their arms twisted before they'd pay up.

It's a thankless job, but that's all right. Thanks don't pay my debts.

Ominoculus is one of the best Hunter Exotics in Destiny 2 and cannot be recommended enough. Easily considered an essential key in the Void Hunter’s toolbox, the damage resistance alone can be the difference in tight situations or for providing that extra push when taking on the toughest enemies in Destiny 2’s hardest content. For more Exotic armor breakdowns and guide content, be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide.

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