Apple (AAPL) gross margin for Q4 2022 came in at 42.3%, beating expectations

The company also enjoyed reported revenue at $90 billion, up 8 percent year-over-year.


Apple (AAPL) shared its fiscal Q4 2022 earnings with a gross margin of $42.3 percent, beating expectations. Additionally, Apple managed to beat revenue and earnings-per-share (EPS) estimates for the quarter.

Revenue was reported at $90.15 billion compared to estimates of $88.90 billion, up 8.1 percent year-over-year (YoY). For EPS, Apple reported a diluted $1.29 per share compared to previous consensus estimates at $1.26 per share.

Below, we’ve included a summary of what was reported by Apple in its latest earnings report, as shared by CNBC.

  • EPS: $1.29 vs. $1.27 est.
  • Revenue: $90.15 billion vs. $88.90 billion estimated, up 8.1% year-over-year
  • iPhone revenue: $42.63 billion vs. $43.21 billion estimated, up 9.67% year-over-year
  • Mac revenue: $11.51 billion vs. $9.36 billion estimated, up 25.39% year-over-year
  • iPad revenue: $7.17 billion vs. $7.94 billion estimated, down 13.06% year-over-year
  • Other Products revenue: $9.65 billion vs. $9.17 billion estimated, up 9.85% year-over-year
  • Services revenue: $19.19 billion vs. $20.10 billion estimated, up 4.98% year-over-year
  • Gross margin: 42.3% vs. 42.1% estimated
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As a whole, Apple increased its revenue by 8 percent during the quarter with total sales for Apple’s fiscal 2022 sitting around $394.3 billion. Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC that it would have grown “double-digits” if not for current foreign exchange headwinds.

“The foreign exchange headwinds were over 600 basis points for the quarter,” Tim Cook explained to CNBC’s Steve Kovach. “So it was significant. We would have grown in double digits without the foreign exchange headwinds.”

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